Wednesday, August 4, 2021

A crowing creep


Bob Crow’s stranglehold on London should cease


This week’s strike action by London Underground staff is illustrative of the arrogance of union barons and reflective of their having too much power rather than being in the interests of the public and even their own members.


A lobster coloured Bob Crow is pictured on a beach in Brazil
A lobster coloured Bob Crow is pictured on a beach in Brazil

Whilst agreeing that stations should have staff, anyone with half a brain surely realises that sadly, in the age of chip and pin and Oyster cards, machines are an inevitable way to reduce the costs associated with having manned ticket offices. Of course, machines go wrong and of course staff need to be on hand to help customers, but this Bob Crow led strike is irresponsible, inconvenient and damaging to London.


Crow, the general secretary of the Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers union, has just returned from having been sprawled out on a beach in Rio de Janerio, Brazil. This loathsome individual, who is paid £145,000 per year yet lives in social housing, supposedly spent £10,000 on the trip and enjoyed a cruise from Barbados to Brazil, unlimited champagne and caviar and sang at karaoke night.


As the public and business suffers today, Bob Crow ought to take stock and call off further action. He won’t. He’s probably too busy leafing through his holiday snaps and regretting lying in the heat for three hours last Wednesday on Copacabana beach. This now lobster coloured disgrace has far too much power for far too long. It’s high time the government reeled him in.



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    1. He amuses me, and I find it difficult to get angry with him. This story reminds me of my all time favourite “Carry on” film.
      “Carry on at your Convenience” The hilarious tale of industrial strife at WC Boggs’ Lavatory factory. Vic Spanner is the union representative who calls a strike at the drop of a hat; eventually everyone has to get fed up with him. This is also the ideal opportunity for lots of lavatory jokes. If the working man in Britain honestly believe that he is their voice, they will do well in investing in DVD box-sets of the “Carry ON” and Monty Python movies.


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