Tuesday, January 19, 2021

‘Ћ’ is just unacceptable


Those who play with our language do so at their peril


News that an Australian restaurateur named Paul Mathis has “invented” a new symbol to replace the word ‘the’ might enthuse some but it certainly doesn’t appeal to The Steeple Times.


Paul Mathis with his ‘Ћ’ symbol... We suspect this is just a publicity stunt and it's one that we don't especially like
Paul Mathis with his ‘Ћ’ symbol… We suspect this is just a publicity stunt and it’s one that we don’t especially like

Mathis, who has invested £23,500 building an app that includes his symbol ‘Ћ’ in place of the word ‘the’, claims his creation will work wonders on Twitter and for swift typing. He suggests that ‘Ћ’ will also be “useful for people” and adds:


“Maybe in 500 years’ time people will be amazed that that there wasn’t a time when we didn’t use ‘Ћ’.”


We disagree. This man’s disrespect to the English language is ridiculous. Send him back to school.



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