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Thai Dang Cao (1953 – 2014)

Thai Dang CaoThe eccentric owner of Old Brompton Road’s Nam Long Le Shaker was famed for creating the legendary Flaming Ferrari cocktail. A favourite of the likes of Lord Archer’s son, James, this lethal concoction consists of 100% proof rum, Chartreuse, Grand Marnier and Blue Curaçao. Of them Dang Cao commented: “If you drink three of them you kiss the ground like the Pope”. He occupied a throne-like seat in his establishment yet truly did good through philanthropically funding a school and clinic in Vietnam and of this nightlife legend’s passing, one customer concluded: “He was not a man of many words, but a creator some of my worst life hangovers”. Whilst Nam Long Le Shaker – established in 1987 – has been described as being “a place like no other”; Thai Dang Cao was most certainly “a man like no other”. The longest ever lock-in in the sky has commenced with his arrival.

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