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Henry Blofeld OBE (AKA “Blowers”, “Tycoon” and “Typhoon”)

Henry Blofeld

Henry BlofeldThe legendary cricket commentator and author Henry Blofeld describes his world as “bubbly and boisterous”. Norfolk born and an Old Etonian, thrice married Blofeld’s family provided Ian Fleming with the inspiration for the name of the James Bond super-villain Ernst Stavro Blofeld whilst he has himself become known for using the phrase “my dear old thing” during his commentaries. Blowers is said to love “drinking wine”, “eating food” and “going out” (in precisely that order) and is often to be found at the South Kensington restaurant La Brasserie. He has some 80,000 on Twitter and regularly entertains them with his observations on food, frolics and fizz.



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