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Lady Docker (Norah Docker, née Norah Turner and also Norah Callingham and Lady Collins, 1905 – 1983)

Norah DockerThrice married Norah Docker lived life to the full and did it in style. She clad a Daimler in zebra hide upholstery because mink was “too hot to sit on” and was even banned from the French Riviera by Prince Rainier for tearing up a Monacan flag. She described the people of Jersey as “the most frightfully boring, dreadful people that have ever been born” and accused of assaulting a casino worker, responded: “It was a good sock I gave that man and he deserved it.” Though she died in poverty in the Great Western Royal Hotel (now the Hilton Paddington) and her name is used in Lancashire as a substitute for “Lady Muck”, Lady Docker is fondly remembered by many for her contribution to an era of automotive elegance.



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