A contemporary castle

Welsh castle with a difference for sale for £3.9 million


Castell Gyrn in Denbighshire, Wales is not quite what it seems. It stands in a “commanding position” overlooking the Clwyd valley and Snowdon beyond and though it is a castle, it is one that was built between 1977 and 1994. It is currently for sale for £3.9 million ($5.7 million, €5.1 million).


A contemporary castle – Castell Gyrn, Llanbedr Dyffryn, Clwyd, Ruthin, Denbighshire, Wales, LL15 1YE, United Kingdom


Described as a “modern fortress” by the BBC and built by an architect who also designed New Scotland Yard named John Taylor, this contemporary castle stands in 48 acres and features a total of 5,814 square foot of accommodation over four floors.


The property was last openly marketed in 2004 for £1.25 million (the equivalent of £1.7 million, $2.5 million or €2.2 million today) following Mr Taylor’s death. Its current owner Jeff Thompson claims to have spent a further £3.5 million ($5.1 million, €4.5 million) upgrading the building and on that basis, even if he gets his asking price he stands to make a loss on the sale.


Of his investment, Thompson told the Mail Online:


“I saw it as a project to do up and sell on, we never intended to move in”.


“It does drag you in though. The budget rather ran away with it and we have developed it as it told us to”.


The interior would not look out of place in an ordinary suburban home
Two additional properties are situated within the grounds
A fire breathing sculpture of a dragon stands at the entrance gates of the castle


Castell Gyrn is on the market through Strutt & Parker.



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    1. An upmarket version of a certain well known Gloucestershire property known locally as the W*nkers tower. One of the more interesting by-laws governing the Welsh borders is that it is still legal for Shropshire people to shoot Welshmen on sight with longbows on a market day.

    2. If you saw a Welshman on the streets of Chester, after curfew, you were entitled to kill him. The by law was only repealed in Victorian times.


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