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Tom O’Carroll

Tom O’Carroll (AKA “Carl Toms”)

Tom O’Carroll (AKA “Carl Toms”)A chilling and sick dual Irish-British citizen, Tom O’Carroll is a blogger and activist for paedophilia advocacy. A convicted distributor of child pornography and a former chairman of the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE), this monster attended a Hacked Off! Rally with John Cleese in April 2015 and was interviewed by Australia’s 60 Minutes in July 2015. During the documentary, O’Carroll remarked: “We thought our illegal interest in children should be made legal if they were willingly involved… The age of four came into it because children are verbal… The emphasis is consent… I don’t see that communicating consent is a problem… It is not sex with children. It’s sex… I call it erotic contact with children. It might involve masturbation… If they were traumatised, they wouldn’t have gone along… They would not be traumatised unless they’d been told many years later that they’d been abused… It’s ground into them from the media. They think: ‘I must be traumatised because the media told me’… The children were willingly involved”. The asylum beckons.



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