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Robert Oxley (AKA Rob Oxley)

Robert Oxley (AKA Rob Oxley) – Press secretary to Boris Johnson – Deliveroo boy and former assistant to alleged groper Michael Fallon became Boris Johnson’s press secretary in June 2019. He is best known for swearing.

Former Deliveroo boy Robert Oxley can be considered the rudest man of the 2019 General Election campaign. Previously the press officer of the Vote Leave campaign and an assistant of the alleged groper Sir Michael Fallon, this nasty piece of work – as Downing Street press secretary – blocked the path of ITV1’s Good Morning Britain’s roving reporter Jonathan Swain on 11th December 2019. He “loudly swore” “for f**k’s sake” at Swain when he tried to get a soundbite from Boris Johnson – who then “hid in a fridge” full of milkcrates. Back in ITV Studios London, Susanna Reid placed her “head in her hands” and the nation went into uproar. Someone should place a bar of soap in this bully boy’s little gob.


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