Blake Mycoskie

Arlington, Texas born TOMS founder Blake Mycoskie started out selling shoes from his apartment in 2006 and now describes his position within what has become a vastly successful company as “Chief Giver of Shoes”. A participant in the television series The Amazing Race in 2001 along with his sister, Paige, Mycoskie has some 60,000 followers on Twitter and gives one pair of shoes to a person in need for every pair he sells. He has given away over 35 million pairs since 2006 and was once described by President Bill Clinton as “one of the most interesting entrepreneurs I’ve ever met”.

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  1. Every time I wear my Tom’s shoes I get admiring comments and friendly smiles. Wearing Tom’s can make your day.

  2. Bravo again, Mr. Steeples, for highlighting on your site a good man who is original and generous. I follow you every day because of the mix of individuals you bring into the light who are inspirations as well as the really bad ones who provide your readers with a cautionary tale,


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