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Margaret Wooliscroft

Margaret Wooliscroft

Margaret WooliscroftDescribed as a “disagreeable old trout” by her very own lawyer, farmer Margaret Wooliscroft was jailed for 28 months in December 2015 for terrorizing the residents of Brindley Ford, Stoke-on-Trent. Her “reign of terror” included blocking roads with geese and traffic cones, swearing at motorists and leaving dead rats on the doorsteps of her neighbours. In court, David Iles, defending, remarked: “Her disastrous reputation precedes her. The net effect of that was local tittle-tattle. She was about as popular as a diesel Volkswagen. Everybody knew her and everybody was wary of her. It’s very much ‘engage mouth half-an-hour before brain’ if indeed brain is ever troubled at all”.



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