Josie Goodbody

With a name worthy of a Bond Girl, Josie Goodbody has morphed from working in public relations in London to writing novels in Uruguay. A former publicist for Graff, Goodbody’s first novel, The Diamond Connection, chronicles the adventures of Jemima Fox-Pearl, head of PR at a fictitious jewellery house, as she tries to recover the world’s most expensive necklace after it was stolen. If Ian Fleming were still around, he’d undoubtedly have been banging on her door.


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  1. Anyone interested in knowing more about Ian Fleming might put ‘ The secret life of Ian Fleming ‘ into You tube….
    Jason Connery plays Ian Fleming, and it is all rather fun; particularly seeing how like his father Jason Connery can be ……….

    Ian Fleming was an unusual and singularly strange and selfish character, whose life ended on a sour note; but this said; the film is rather fun

    The whole Fleming, Broccoli, Saltzman, Kevin McClory, Connery intrigue is amazing in its complexity, number of characters and general carnage

    Plus ca change. plus la meme chose

  2. An afterthought……….

    Kevin McClory is a ‘ Good Read ‘………..well worth your further investigation…..I commend him


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