Greeks and Aristos on Sloane Square

A £7.975 million apartment above Colbert on Sloane Square provides indication of the playground for the international super-rich that Chelsea has become


Chelsea has long been considered the preserve of wealthy aristocrats but in recent years, part due to changes in policies by Earl Cadogan’s estate management team, those living in the area have become ever more international. European supercar driving sorts have replaced Ann Barr’s English ‘Sloane Rangers’ and the sale of a “grand” Sloane Square apartment very much proves this point. Priced at an extraordinary £7,975,000, this 1,898 square foot second floor lateral truly shows where the market has gone.


The exterior of 48 Sloane Square
Property developer George Philippedes


Situated above the popular Corbin & King owned dining spot Colbert at 48 Sloane Square and redeveloped over 14 months by George Philippedes, a Greek property developer and managing director of Aristo, this 3-bedroomed apartment features seven windows overlooking Sloane Square, high ceilings, two balconies and Art Nouveau and Art Deco styling.


Given the audience Philippedes is seeking to sell to, no expense has been spared on the architectural detailing. It took an artist 18 weeks to hand paint the motif design and gold leaf ribbon on the hand-dyed emerald green Chinese silk wallpaper in the dining room whilst a pair of bronze gates and panels in the same room took artisans in Udine, Italy took some 1,000 hours to design and create.


During renovations Philippedes discovered a newspaper from 1904 under the floorboards. It is from the year the block was built and has been framed and placed on the wall of one of the bedrooms. If the person who’d put it under the floorboards originally were able to return, they most certainly wouldn’t recognise what Chelsea has now become: A playground for the international super-rich.


This page of a newspaper from 1904 was discovered under the floorboards of the apartment during renovations
The opulently decorated dining room features Chinese silk wallpaper
The main reception room
One of three bedrooms


Flat 5, 48 Sloane Square is for sale through Becky Fatemi of Rokstone.



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    • I would never have guessed this was a Sloane Square apartment, nor even an

    • Super-rich or not! It won't stop the UK property market from going under in the very near future. Rock bottom is on its way for the BS Brits.

    • Last Sunday I overheard a rich Indian from Bombay, who had just taken a thirty six bedroom house near Grasse for three months, negotiating parking in a Sloane Square garage for ten cars for three months

      His son and heir was enquiring how far the house was from the Carlton, and whether he would have his usual personal chef at his suite at their villa

      Father paid their bill by card and gave a fifty pound note for the tronc and a twenty pound note to the waitress effecting the transaction

      Some would find this lacking in style and taste but having this type of semi resident in SW! makes perfect sense to me

      But hey....what do I know about life?

      And, if you stand in Sloane Square the noise of the traffic blocks out the sound of Harriet Harman and her ghastly subversive pals wailing and blubbing in nearby SW1.......

    • It's ineffably vile. An apartment like this should have been designed by a cultivated French man or woman. Greeks, being basically Turkish, can only think it terms of gross applications of money to create 'style'.
      When one sees similar sized flats and located flats in Paris they have an extraordinary appeal to people of breeding. This monster will appeal to the usual vulgar super rich who now infest Chelsea.

    • What a load of irrelevant rubbish in the agents details - who cares about whether the kitchen doors weigh a ton! I damn well hope the screws doesn't come loose, and the artist requiring classical music to listen to get inspiration! Come on Rokstone / Aristo, I almost spilt my afternoon cup of Earl Grey in the 24 carat lined Royal Doulton cup and saucer that was no doubt decorated by Artisans wearing nothing other than a tea leaf on their head.

      • More haste less speed in the grammar! Maybe proof reading would have been an idea!! :)

    • This is not Greek style at all.. and the designer whoever it is, likely British, has the taste of Arabs or Ex Soviets etc in mind. Greeks would not buy this kind of stuff. Greeks are mainly merchants and traders , the developer saw an opportunity and is banking on it, although I very much doubt this price will be reached.

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