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Caravan Calamity

Caravan Calamity – Lloyd Smith and Low Wood, Haverthwaite caravan park – Angry caravan owner complains to local newspaper after his sardine tin is told to move on.

Angry caravan owner complains to local newspaper after he and his sardine tin are told to move on

Nobody sane would wish to spend their holidays in a glorified sardine tin, but now “upset” caravan owners at the Low Wood, Haverthwaite site are distraught at being evicted.


Moaning pensioner Lloyd Smith complained this week to The Westmorland Gazette about the matter. Pictured standing aside his scruffy looking metal box in his equally awful parka, the Queensbury resident bleated:


“It’s all very upsetting. It’s been a lifetime of enjoyment… I can’t understand this… I’ve been caravanning for more than 60 years. The essence is that caravanning has been a way of life. It’s terribly sad that it has come to an abrupt end in such a way for myself and friends.”


He retchingly continued:


“I have not heard of a caravan site closing. I very much doubt there will be alternatives for the caravans.”


As our regular comment maker Rod from Australia would say: “Yes there is. Send in the bloody wrecking ball.”


Online on the Facebook page ‘Angry People in Local Newspapers’ the reaction was hilarious. Some of group’s members comments follow.


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