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Picture of the Week: The modern eccentric

The modern eccentric - Lapo Elkann

Lapo Elkann – A man belonging to a different era launches his latest project


This week, Lapo Elkann launched Garage Italia Customs in an old fuel station in Milan. The company has the capability to cover your car, motorcycle or yacht in materials of the same colour as your favourite jumper, suit or tie and at its debut, this Italian eccentric unsurprisingly dressed in his typically stylish fashion.


The modern eccentric – Lapo Elkann at the launch of his latest project


Our Picture of the Week shows Elkann with one of his creations, a Ferrari wrapped in a green military style pattern. He appears – Howard Hughes-like – alongside the car in a red suit paired with a red tie and red sunglasses. Here is a man not afraid to be bold and here indeed is a true modern day eccentric. If only there were more like him.


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