Justice for James Scurlock

Power of social media proven after the senseless murder of James Scurlock in Omaha, Nebraska allegedly by a bar owner Jake Gardner who has been photographed with Donald Trump

The true reach and usefulness of social media was illustrated on Sunday after the murder of a 22-year-old unarmed man named James Scurlock in Omaha, Nebraska the previous night.


WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT – This tweet shows video footage of the shooting of James Scurlock allegedly by Jake Gardner.

Whilst initially (at time of publishing at GMT 18:45, just hours after the alleged shooter, a cocktail bar owner named Jake Gardner, had “bailed out [of custody] at 6am” according to one local), no mainstream media outlets were reporting on the story, a GoFundMe page to support Mr Scurlock’s grieving family had gone viral.


It read:


We are creating this fundraiser for James Scurlock and his family.


Who is James Scurlock?


A 22 years old young black man who showed his dedication a love for his people every single day.


James was passionate for Justice, but today his fight ended as he was shot and killed downtown Omaha while protesting for the same Justice he deserves.


May you Rest In Peace James.


Within just seven hours of being made live, the page had raised over £32,000 ($40,000) for the late Mr Scurlock’s family whilst elsewhere on Twitter, filmed footage of the incident had gone viral. In it, gunshot can clearly be heard whilst other images shared include one of the alleged killer Jake Gardner posing with President Donald Trump.


A GoFundMe “defense fund organised by friends of Jake [Gardner]” meanwhile was swiftly quite rightly taken down, whilst one Tyler Allen of Pro Sports Extra widely shared the #JusticeForJames campaign. Mr Gardner previously made headlines for negative comments about transgender people and has been termed a “known white supremacist” by many on social media also.


#JusticeForJames #JamesScurlock #BlackLivesMatter #AllLivesMatter #SayTheirNames


Pictured top: James Scurlock (left) and President Donald Trump with Jake Gardner (far right) and another unknown individual.


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James Scurlock died of his injuries soon after being shot.
Jake Gardner’s bar, The Hive, is situated at 1207 Harney Street in Omaha, Nebraska. It is described as an “old-school bar with live music and a dance floor” that serves “cocktails, whisky and canned beer.” Here Mr Gardner is pictured outside it with his dog.
Prior to the shooting, Jake Gardner posted on social media about “[having] to pull 48 hours of military style firewatch.”
Jake Gardner posted a photograph of himself and his dog with President Donald Trump on Facebook on 25th September 2017. In the wake of the shooting, that image has gone viral on Twitter.
Mr Gardner shared this image of himself on his Facebook page in July 2018 at the Republican National Convention with the Fox News commentator Jesse Watters in the background.
Mr Gardner has a dog named LeBRON. It has its own Instagram account with 2,300 followers. Here it is pictured sporting Trump campaign materials.
Another image of Jake Gardner shared on Twitter in the hours after the shooting shows him posing in one of his bars.
This photograph of Mr Gardner with the comedian Adam DeVine has also been shared widely.


  1. Jake Gardner whether innocent or guilty of this senseless crime looks like a nasty piece of work. I hope justice is done for James Scurlock.

    • Yeah, right, because bar owners always turn down money from the public. Scurlock had Gardner by the neck-Gardner fired two warning shots, then one into Scurlock’s neck. The only racism here is Scurlocks, who picked a fight with a white man because he hates whites.

      • In the video that other guy says something like “stop, he aint worth it, he’s got a gun”. Which points out the false narrative, why would that guy say to Scurlock “Stop he aint worth it” unless Scurlock was attacking Jake?

  2. Jake is a great guy and a former Marine. He runs several small businesses in the Omaha area and is loved by most. This defamation of character is frustrating.

    • Wow so sad that his character is getting senselessly MURDERED like this. This defamation of his character is like a metaphorical gun shot in the neck twice am i right?
      Fuck you him and fuck you too

      • You thugs need to get used to people defending themselves from your unprovoked offensive violence. Your fate is justified. You people are merely a menace and all countries are better without you.

    • I wish people understood that just because he murdered a young man in cold blood while screaming racial slurs, he’s actually a swell dude. I mean you can’t even be white guy who murders black people in this country anymore! It’s so frustrating you guys. I can;t think of ANYTHING more frustrating that having your character questioned after murdering someone.

      • Cold blood is not when black men tackle you to the ground after you tell them to not loot your store, then shooting them while being attacked by them. In fact, that’s outright self defense. Jake is just some republican marine, I on the other hand am a nazi and I will be shooting pavement apes like you for fun and pleasure and I’ll never be caught. Have fun.

      • Uhm, the DA just said that he reviewed the tape and Gardner said nothing provocative, so stop your left wing lying. You racists want to pick fights with white people-you’ll get shot doing it.



  3. Evidence for gun law to be changed. Why would a bar owner be wandering round with a gun? Gardner must be mentally unhinged.

    • Jake was protecting his business from the rioters. Looks like he was perfectly right to do so, because these rioters are on video destroying property before they assaulted Jake. I guess we’re not allowed to defend ourselves from violent criminals?

  4. Do we know if the “victim” has a criminal record????????????? Did Mr Gardner feel threatened???????? More to this than meets the eye!!!!!!!!!! We would not put up with this kind of thing Down Under!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • It doesn’t matter what’s in the victim’s past, only what happened right here. No one person has the right to act like judge, jury and executioner. But I do find it quite telling that you ask only about the victim’s criminal history and not, as you called him, “Mr. Gardner’s”?

    • Why does it matter if the victim has a criminal record ? Even if it WAS the slightest bit of relevant, that is not information the murderer would of had ahead of time . Do you understand that, or no? Probably not. Let me break it down for you, having a criminal record does NOT MEAN YOU CAN GO SHOOTING AT SOMEONE AND TAKING THEIR LIFE AWAY. Who tf you think you are to think that way ?! Do I need to start the sentence with “giT r DoNe” or “dOnt TrEaD oN mE bRo” for you to understand? This POS bar owner doesn’t have the right to kill ANYONEEEEEEEEEE. THAT INCLUDES PEOPLE WITH CRIMINAL HISTORY. (Not saying the victim has one, btw. I am speaking in general) What are you hitler? You miserable creep.

      • Well the bar owner was being assaulted. It doesn’t really help if the uh, ‘victim?’ who was assaulting him has a criminal record.

  5. Yeah! Sounds like a real great guy!

    You think you know someone until they shoot a black man in the neck twice and spew racial slurs. Just come to terms w the fact that you didn’t really know this man.

    • He was protecting his store and him self. Didn’t ran on the street mindlessly looking for trouble unaware of consequences like the guy who was shot. So SFU

  6. A already suffering small business owner protecting his life savings, did you really expect no one to get hurt when you all let this happen? JUSTIFIED

  7. If the criminal that got shot history doesn’t matter, it shouldn’t matter what political party the bar owner belongs to. Morons.

  8. Go Jake Gardner! Defend yourself, and your family, and your business. We need more men like you. Please take up more power and leadership in the community. Our nation desperately needs good people like you leading.

  9. another one bites the dust! And another one gone another one bites the dust. Hey gonna get you too……..

  10. What does this entire situation have to do with Donald Trump?! You sick media morons perpetuate the race card more than the police! I’m sickened to see your uneducated reporting and small minded hate. YOU are the problem. YOU made this black or white. YOU made this racist by tagging trump in with this. YOU my friend, are a disgrace to humanity and are exactly what we are fighting against!

  11. Gardner was attacked and defended himself. He has that right. I truly don’t understand why blacks aren’t being taught basic elementary behavior. Black mothers, if a policeman asks you to freeze, this means just stop what your doing and put your hands in the air. Try giving your young black youth, who commit 80% of all crimes, a quiz. What do you do if a policeman asks you to put your hands up? A) charge the officer B) run c) grab your gun d) put your hands in the air. The answer is d. Hope this helps

    • What an utterly ludicrous “article” you have penned. That you defend someone who shot someone else is bad enough, but that you then smear the poor victim’s name is another. Shame on you.

      • You’re doing Poe’s Law here aren’t you?
        There was a gang of rioters inflicting pain and suffering on people they didn’t even know. They assaulted someone, who defended himself…………..you’re doing Poe’s Law here aren’t you? It’s not possible for a sane rational person to hold your position. Or are you some kind of sociopath misanthrope like these violent rioters?

        Apparently you think speaking opinions is a bigger crime than physical assault.


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