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For how much longer will Jim be mixing it?

A concrete firm whose boss is fixated on a rather tarnished name


I recall seeing a cement truck belonging to a company named Jim’ll Mix It parked in First Street, Chelsea several years ago. As I walked past, I said to my friend: “Plainly that’s owned by a wit.” The joke, given recent revelations about a certain Jimmy Savile, is sadly no longer funny.


A Jim’ll Mix It cement truck

Jimmy Taylor founded Jim’ll Mix It in 1983 and employs some 50 people at his sites at Bow, Upminster and Croydon. Asked whether he’d be keeping the company’s name, his response was in the affirmative:


“What is Jimmy Savile to do with me? I am who I am. I’m in concrete, my name’s Jim. I’ve no intention of changing the name.”


The Jim’ll Fix It star himself has only one known connection with concrete and that came quite recently. After he died in 2011, Jimmy Savile’s grave, which is bizarrely angled so he could look out to sea, was concrete encased.


Jimmy Savile’s headstone in Scarborough has now been ground to dust. It was captioned at the base: “It was good while it lasted.”

Though Savile’s headstone has already been removed, there could be an opportunity for Mr Taylor’s firm in Scarborough. Given the demands that the alleged paedophile’s body be relocated to another location, there could indeed be a need for a new concrete pit for Savile elsewhere.


Carved into the now destroyed headstone for Savile were the words: “It was good while it lasted.” If Mr Taylor is sensible, he’ll take the same view and change the name of his company.


Jim’ll Mix It, Unit 1, Lusty Industrial Estate, Empson Street, Bow, London E3 3LT. Telephone: +44 (0) 20 7538 2266. Website:

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