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Mucky Madam Maxwell Unsealed

Matthew Steeples selects some of the most telling and cringeworthy remarks from the newly unsealed 2016 Ghislaine Maxwell deposition

On Thursday, I ploughed through all 465 pages of the newly unsealed April 2016 deposition of Ghislaine Maxwell at the law offices of Boies Schiller & Flexner. After being promised lurid details of ‘Bouncing Bob’s’ daughter’s “wild sex life” and her lawyers claiming it’d “spread like wildfire across the Internet” (and thus prejudice her trial), overall it was just a bit of a damp squib.


Whilst the bombshells many were hoping for simply did not emerge and though most names redacted could easily be identified – Prince Andrew and Bill Clinton included – what the mainstream media avoided mentioning was that there were many telling remarks and many contradictory statements in the unsealed document.


Mucky Madam Maxwell Unsealed – Ghislaine Maxwell unsealed – Matthew Steeples selects some of the most telling and cringeworthy remarks from the newly unsealed 2016 Ghislaine Maxwell deposition.
Mucky Madam Maxwell Unsealed – Ghislaine Maxwell with her chum Prince Andrew and accuser Virginia Giuffre at her London home. During the deposition, Miss Maxwell referred to Ms. Giuffre as a “liar” hundreds of times.

Aside from the fact that ‘Grubby Ghislaine’ clearly illustrated she has her late conman father’s temper in an episode of table thumping, Miss Maxwell’s evasiveness in avoiding giving straightforward answers was transparent. She also showed her own true character and also illustrated the lengths she would go to protect the late Jeffrey Epstein.


With the public set to see this mucky madam on trial next year, we can now anticipate the approach this devious devil will take. It’ll be bombastic and bold, but she’ll unlikely be doing anything that puts her great mate, the non-sweating, Pizza Express loving royal, at risk – that’s for sure.


Here below, we select a few of the amusing and strange questions and quotes from what was unsealed:


Ghislaine Maxwell gets questioned about a John Bryan – Duchess of York-esque ‘toe sucking’ equivalent incident:

Q – “Did you ever ask [Virginia Giuffre] to rub Jeffrey’s feet?

A – “I believe that I have read that, but I don’t have any memory of it.”


Asked about “sexual acts,” Maxwell – a woman well-known for teaching other women how to give blowjobs at dinner tables – unconvincingly answered:

A – “I don’t know what you mean by sexual acts.”


A – “I’ve never had non-consensual sex with anybody… At any time with anybody.”


Curiously defining her citizenships:

Q – “Are you a citizen of the United States?”

A – “I am.”

Q – “Are you also a citizen of England?”

A – “I am.”

Q – “Are you a citizen of any other land?”

A – “TerraMar.”

Q – “That’s the name of your charity project that deals with oceans, is that correct?”

A – “Yeah. I’m French as well.”


Bizarrely asked to define her own sex, Maxwell was honest in one regard:

Q – “Are you a female, is that the sex that you are?

A – “I am female… I am a 54-year-old woman.”


On sex toys:

Q – “How would you describe sex toys?”

A – “I wouldn’t describe sex toys.”


A – “I need you to define a sex toy, I don’t have enough knowledge of sex toys.”


On her and Jeffrey Epstein’s star-studded address book:

A – “I believe this a copy of a stolen document. I would like to know how you guys got it… You have the stolen document.”


A – “Like everybody, I have an address book.”


Put in her place by the interviewer:

A – “Let’s move on.”

Q – “I’m in charge of the deposition. I say when we move on and when we don’t. You are here to respond to my questions. If you are refusing to answer, the court will bring you back for another deposition to answer these questions. Do you understand that?”


A – “You have got your questions mangled… You have mangled your entire questions… I have to object.”

Q – “You don’t get to object… She is turning into a lawyer already.”

A – “I would like to.”


A – “I apologise sincerely for my banging at the table earlier, I hope you accept my apology.”


Asked if she was responsible for Jeffrey Epstein’s activities and actions, Maxwell replied:

A – “I’m not responsible for what Jeffrey does and I don’t always pay attention to what happens in the house. I’m very busy.”


On whether she ‘recruited’ girls for her boss/lover:

A – “Stop right there. I never recruited girls, let’s stop there. Break down the question.”


Q – “Have you ever said to anybody that you recruit females?”

A – “I don’t recruit anybody.”


A – “I resent and despise the word recruit… I never had to do anything with underage people.”


On whether she ‘recruited’ girls to take the sexual activity pressure off herself:

Q – “Have you ever said to anybody that you recruit other females… to take the pressure you having to have sex with Jeffrey?”

A – “I totally resent it and find it disgusting that you should use the word recruit. I have already told you I don’t know what you are saying and your implication is repulsive.”


A – “I never trained a female under the age of 18 at Jeffrey’s house.”


On her thoughts on the deposition process:

A – “You don’t ask me questions like that. First of all, you are trying to trap me, I will not be trapped.”


A – “Any interest I have is in accuracy. I’m only looking for accuracy.”


A – “Apparently, even saying Virginia is a liar has hazards.”


A – “You are trying to trap me.”


Asked about her interaction with naked people in Epstein’s residences, Maxwell brushed such aside:

A – “Sometimes… I have seen people from time to time take their top off. I have seen people from time to time do that.”


On whether she photographed naked people:

A – “It is possible that I took pictures of people that were somehow semi [nude] or had some clothes on or no clothes on, but at no time were any of those pictures remotely inappropriate… I know where you are headed with this and it’s nowhere appropriate and it’s really unattractive.”


Asked about her interactions with Virginia Giuffre – with whom she flew on private plans on at least twenty occasions and with whom she was pictured in her London home with Prince Andrew – Maxwell clearly lied:

A – “I don’t recall meeting her.”


A – “I wouldn’t recollect meeting her at all but for the tissue stories about this situation.”


A – “I really have no recollection of her.”


A – “I barely recall Virginia, period.”


A – “I don’t recall smoking cigarettes with Virginia Roberts.”


A – “Virginia is a liar… An exaggerator, a fantasist and an absolutely true terrible person.”


A – “I said that there are some things [Virginia] may not have lied about.”


On whether she had sex with Jeffrey Epstein and Virginia Giuffre:

A – “I never ever, at any single time, at any point ever participated in anything with Virginia and Jeffrey. And for the record she is an absolute total liar and you all know she lied on multiple things and that is just one other disgusting thing she added.”


On whether she dined with Virginia Giuffre with Prince Andrew in London at Tramp:

Q – “Do you recall going to dinner with XXX, Jeffrey Epstein and Virginia Roberts in London at any time?”

A – “I do not.”

Q – “Do you recall going to a place called XXX, XXX, Jeffrey Epstein and yourself and Virginia Roberts?”

A – “I would just like to state for the record XXXXXXXX I do not have any recollection of it and I doubt it happened.”


On whether Prince Andrew and Virginia Giuffre had sex in a bath at her Kinnerton Street, Belgravia, London home:

“The tub is too small.”


On whether she and Jeffrey Epstein gave Prince Andrew a Spitting Image puppet of himself and whether they got Virginia Giuffre to “play with him” whilst sitting on his lap:

A – “There was a puppet… A caricature of XXX.”


On Jeffrey Epstein’s sexual activity preferences:

Q – “Does Jeffrey like to have his nipples pinched during sexual encounters?”

A – “I’m not talking about any adult sexual things when I was with him.”


Questioned about the number of occasions she’d flown on the ‘Lolita Express’ and other Epstein planes:

A – “I cannot tell you how many, a lot.”


Asked about a 13-year-old victim of Epstein whom came to one of his residences:

A – “I have no idea how old she was… I have no idea… I don’t hire girls like that.”


Turning to a 14-year old:

Q – “Was she a child?”

A – “I don’t know what you mean if she looked like a child… Leave it at that… You are making stories up again as usual, there would not be any reason why I would ask her how old she was.”


On a total of 30 underage minors allegedly being brought to Jeffrey Epstein’s Palm Beach house:

A – “I cannot testify to 30.”


On whether Jeffrey Epstein abused minors:

A – “I can’t testify what Jeffrey did or didn’t do.”


A – “I never observed Jeffrey having sex with a minor.”


Q – “I’m asking what you believe, from your own belief, do you believe that Jeffrey Epstein abused minors?”

A – “I can only go from what I know personally about what Virginia’s lies talked about. She is the only person I know that actually claimed that. And I can say with certitude that everything Virginia said was a lie.”


A – “I don’t believe [Jeffrey Epstein] was sentenced for [sexual abuse of a minor] actually.”


Asked if she’d ever seen Jeffrey Epstein – with whom she had an intimate relationship with herself – having sex:

A – “I have never seen anybody have sexual intercourse with Jeffrey, ever.”


On whether she was ever in a relationship with Jeffrey Epstein herself:

A – “That’s a tricky question. There were times when I would have liked to think of myself as his girlfriend.”


A – “I don’t think I said I was his girlfriend.”


A – “I don’t think I would ever have characterised myself as his girlfriend.”


A – “I’m sure I would [have] loved anybody to come out and say they were Jeffrey rather than me.”


On whether she was asked to ‘carry’ a baby for Jeffrey Epstein:

A – “I don’t recollect conversation about Jeffrey and babies in any form… I don’t recollect baby conversations with Jeffrey.”


Asked if she’d ‘organised’ for Virginia Giuffre to have sex with others:

A – “I have never instructed Virginia to have sex with anybody, ever.”


On allegedly dressing Viriginia Giuffre up as a school girl when giving massages:

A – “I have no idea what you are talking about… I have no idea what you are talking about… I clearly know what a school girl outfit is. I have no recollection of providing anybody with a school girl outfit.”


On President Clinton being on ‘Paedo Island’ with Virginia Giuffre and herself and whether Jeffrey Epstein dined with him:

“Virginia is absolutely, totally lying. This is a subject of defamation about Virginia and the lies she has told and one of [the] lies she told was that President Clinton was on the island where I was present. Absolutely 1,000 per cent that is a flat out total fabrication and lie.”


“Allegations that XXX had a meal on Jeffrey’s island is 100 per cent false… I’m sure he had a meal on Jeffrey’s plane.”


On why she kept in touch with Jeffrey Epstein after his conviction:

“I’m a very loyal person and Jeffrey was very good to me when my father passed away and I believe that you need to be a good friend in people’s hour of need and I felt that it was very thoughtful, nice thing for me to do.”


On how much she got paid and what benefits she received post Epstein’s conviction:

Q – “Were you paid over a million dollars?”

A – “It was under 500, it was an amount of money less than $500,000, less than a million dollars and I did it out of thoughtfulness and consideration for somebody who was in trouble.”


A – “I don’t recall the details of the cars [I was given].”


A – “I don’t recall any gifts really… I barely recall gifts, I barely recall a lot of this.”


On her legal ‘arrangement’ with Jeffrey Epstein:

Q – “Do you have a joint defence with Jeffrey Epstein?”

A – “I believe I do.”


On her legal ‘arrangement’ with (presumably) Prince Andrew:

Q – “Do you have a joint agreement with XXX?”

A – “I don’t believe I do.”


On what dirt Jeffrey Epstein might have on her:

Q – “What negative, unflattering, private or potentially embarrassing information does Jeffrey Epstein know about you?”

A – “I imagine none.”


A – “I can’t think of anything I have ever done that is illegal… I have a DUI in the UK a long time ago.”


On where Jeffrey Epstein got his wealth:

Q – “Do you know how Jeffrey Epstein made his money?”

A – “No… I have no idea.”


On where she was then living:

“I’m just couch surfing.”


For more fascinating revelations about this ever-developing case, listen to the brilliantly put together The Prince & the Pervert Podcast’ by clicking here.


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Mucky Madam Maxwell Unsealed – Ghislaine Maxwell unsealed – Matthew Steeples selects some of the most telling and cringeworthy remarks from the newly unsealed 2016 Ghislaine Maxwell deposition.
Mucky Madam Maxwell Unsealed – Ghislaine Maxwell with Jeffrey Epstein at a memorial event for her late conman father Robert Maxwell on 24th November 1991 at the Plaza Hotel in New York.
Mucky Madam Maxwell Unsealed – Ghislaine Maxwell unsealed – Matthew Steeples selects some of the most telling and cringeworthy remarks from the newly unsealed 2016 Ghislaine Maxwell deposition.
Mucky Madam Maxwell Unsealed – Ghislaine Maxwell is used to having things her way and here she is pictured in her youth tapping away at an early computer. In August 2020, she demanded the prison housing her give her another device and a desk also – her request was unsurprisingly denied.

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