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Randy Andy Turns To Toff Twerps

As Prince Andrew gets support from the dregs of society in the form of disgraced news baron felon toff Lord Black and washed up wastrel daughter of a criminal twerp Lady Victoria Hervey, we suggest he’s truly scraping the barrel

When all you’ve got is scum and dregs defending you, you surely must realise that your game is up and this is the position the money grabbing menace Prince Andrew now most unfortunately finds himself in.


In this morning’s Daily Mail, columnist Richard Eden quoted the disgraced felon The Right Honourable The Lord Black of Crossharbour KCSG as labelling the Queen a “disgrace” for “abandoning” her second son and having “withdrawn from him all of [his] dignities exercised ex officio.”


Going further and attacking the U.S. justice system that found him guilty and sent him down as a convicted fraudster, this brazen buffoon added: “No one could be a more inviting target for such scurrilous abuse of the legal system than a prominent member of the British Royal Family.”


Elsewhere on Instagram this morning, the shameless attention seeking twerp that is Lady Victoria Hervey – a daughter of a convicted criminal and a cretinous individual known for indulging in threesomes and leaving a trail of debt wherever she goes – continues to attempt to claim that the no longer so grand Duke of York is entirely innocent.


As this money grabbing wastrel wench did in the case of Ghislaine Maxwell – to which she was unsurprisingly not called as a witness given she’d seldom even seen the pension pot plunderers daughter since the early to mid 2000s – ‘Lady Herpes’ is now claiming that she’s an expert on Photoshop and that people have “reached out” to her with information that tells the truth of the image of 10th March 2001 taken at the Kinnerton Street residence.


Going further without clarifying if she herself has been on the hooch, this wack job woman – once very accurately branded as “unpleasant” and “a right snob” by the by contrast lovely late Tara Palmer Tomkinson – added: “I would be pissed if I was the Daily Mail right now.” This Poundland Miss Marple, however, neglected to mention that that paper shared since deleted Instagram posts – first published in the media as screenshots by The Steeple Times – that showed her as a bombastic brazen bigot in June 2020. Miaow!


Pictured top (from left to right) – Birds of a Rotten Feather – Convicted criminal Conrad Black and his extravagant wife Barbara Amiel, temperamental money grabbing royal Prince Andrew and convicted sex offender Ghislaine Maxwell and deranged daughter of a thief Lady Victoria Hervey.


Nasty knicker flogging twerp – Lady Victoria Hervey is best known for flogging knickers emblazoned with the words “Yes Please” across the crotch area at her Knightsbridge shop, Akademi. That shop opened in April 2000, but was unsurprisingly an unmitigated disaster area. It closed in 2001 with debts estimated at £350,000. In 2020, she further shamed herself by posting a foul mouthed tirade on Instagram about the Black Lives Matter movement.
Connected by media megalomania – Daughter of pension pot plundering media baron monster Ghislaine Maxwell with power crazed media baron Rupert Murdoch; convicted criminal news baron Conrad Black and his “revenge is a dish served cold” extravagant wife Barbara Amiel.
Fairweather friends – Canadian born Conrad Black is a man whose wife is of equal proportion to Lady Victoria Hervey in her attitude to spending the money of others. The wannabe modern day Lady Docker that is Barbara Amiel (AKA ‘Lady Black’) once told ‘Vogue’ magazine that her “extravagance knows no bounds” and in 2020 wrote of how her friendship with the since incarcerated daughter of a fraudster Ghislaine Maxwell ended when her husband faced heading to the pokey.
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