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From ‘TwIt Girl’ to ‘InstaIdiot’ – Lady Victoria Hervey

From ‘TwIt Girl’ to ‘InstaIdiot’ – Lady Victoria Hervey

Dumber than dumb non-entity Lady Victoria Hervey morphs from ‘TwIt Girl’ to ‘InstaIdiot’ in a series of Instagram posts about her mucky madam mate Ghislaine Maxwell; she charmingly labels one victim she doesn’t even know a “complete whore” and another she claims to actually know a “drug addict slut and a f*ck up”

True to her predictably pathetic form, in a series of messages and stories on Instagram, pompous prattling pillock Lady Victoria Hervey has gone and stuck her cloven hooves in the proverbial yet again. Here, today, we present a supposedly aristocratic woman who mocks victims as “money hungry” whilst shamelessly taking wonga for media interviews herself.


Exposed by the journalist Lisa Tait of The Prince & The Pervert podcast on Twitter on Sunday, 45-year-old Lady Victoria – a wack job woman who has been on every news channel known to humanity banging on about Ghislaine Maxwell’s case in spite of not even having been called as a witness in that case and having previously claimed not to have even seen her so-called “friend” since 2018 – made herself out to be some kind of expert on the December conviction. Frankly, anyone rational realises this former bit of “toff totty” would have been about as much use giving evidence in that New York courtroom as a chocolate teapot.


Indulging in totally uncalled for and utterly vulgarly styled victim shaming, ‘Lady Herpes’ announced that she “could not do with the sob stories” and suggested that though she is of the view that “Ghislaine is obviously not a saint,” the victims themselves number a “complete whore” (whom she claims not to actually know) and a “total money hungry drug addict slut and a f*ck up” (whom she does claim to actually know).


Previously herself branded “unpleasant” and “a right snob” by the by contrast lovely and sadly late Tara Palmer Tomkinson, when realising she wouldn’t be winning any argument with the clearly intelligent Ms Tait, Lady Victoria – who also believes “charming, very well-liked guy” Jeffrey Epstein rejected her because she “was too old” (even he likely actually just couldn’t stand her) – then helpfully concluded: “I am so over this.” She then chucked the remainder of her toys out of her pram; whether that included one of ‘Grubby Ghislaine’s’ dinner party dildos remains unknown.


Mouthy moron Lady Victoria Hervey with the since convicted sex trafficker and abuser Ghislaine Maxwell and a handbag designer named Shizue Nobuta at a party hosted by Tamara Beckwith in Hollywood, California on 25th February 2004. In a documentary in June 2021, Lady Victoria claimed the pension pot plunderer’s decidedly deviant daughter liked to get more personal at dinner parties and would “demonstrate how to give a blowjob” to girls present, herself included.

‘InstaIdiot’ Lady Victoria Hervey’s Instagram Stories

Here are just a few of this noxious nitwit’s Instagram posts and missives – complete with her (unedited by us) appalling grammar, punctuation and spelling. They clearly illustrate that this wastrel woman’s aristocratic family didn’t bother to provide her with access to an exactly stellar education and amongst them are:

Bird brained Lady Victoria – whose Motcomb Street, Belgravia shop closed with estimated debts of £350,000 in 2001 – has recently been sharing Instagram stories in which she calls Virginia Roberts Giuffre a “complete whore” and suggested she was “dropping her knickers in all sorts of places.”
In a comment on another post, the late 6th Marquess of Bristol’s daughter predictably misjudged the importance of what is quite possibly the most significant sex trafficking scandal in decades given it involves, amongst others, three Presidents of the United States and the Queen’s “favourite” son and declared: “This story has been blown out of proportion… People are literally murdering people in LA and getting out of jail. It’s a real life Gotham City blood bath.” In response, one is simply left asking: “What planet is this washed-up wastrel on?” and wondering: “Is she on acid?”
Lady Victoria hasn’t exactly shown herself to be up there on the rational scale whilst using Instagram. In one previous post, she banged on about filtering out “good versus evil” and “The Cabal” and claimed that Hollywood – where she lives is known for having threesomes and party crashing – is “like a bunch of mk ultra zombies [sic] walking around” and full of “dark satanic cults.” If that was actually true, it would be the perfect place for her.

What Do Social Media Users Make Of ‘InstaIdiot’ Lady Victoria Hervey?

Twitter users really do truly dislike the ultimate ‘TwIt Girl’ and of her in recent days comments have unsurprisingly included:

Lady Victoria claims to have dated Prince Andrew in 1999, but according to ‘The Sun,’ quite predictably, “romance failed to blossom.” Twenty years later, attempting to cash in on her decidedly brief encounter, this tedious twerp went on ‘Good Morning Britain’ and tried to defend the royal. As was to be expected, she didn’t exactly excel in that role either.
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