Dirty Dawn Can’t Take the Heat of the Coke

Dirty Dawn strikes again – Attention seeker and alleged racist and coke possessor Dawn Ward proves she cannot cope with a bit of truthful press attention.

Dirty Dawn strikes again – Attention seeker and alleged racist and coke possessor Dawn Ward proves she cannot cope with a bit of truthful press attention

Dawn Ward was most likely a bully at school. Prone to pointing her finger and screaming like a banshee on butane, this attention seeking wench tries to fight dirty, but in reality is just a cowardly cretin.


After The Steeple Times quite accurately reported on Mrs Ward – a genuine halfwit harridan whom sadly rose to the Z-list as a result of seeking out publicity through an ITV show named Real Housewives of Cheshire – being charged with racially aggravated harassment of two Jewish brothers and possession of cocaine, she not only blocked us on Twitter but also got her troll troupe on the case.


In response to Twitter subsequently suggesting the removal of a link to our article, we say this: “We entirely stand by what we said about the Cheshire cat Dawn Ward and again highlight her for what she truly is: Trailer trash and the modern-day equivalent of Bet Lynch on steroids.”


Ward, whose “fish fueled fight” with a bit of “napkin slapping” with the singer Sinitta landed her with a conviction for assault in June 2016, should simply realise this as she awaits her truly deserved trial in March 2022: If she can’t take the heat, she shouldn’t go near the coke and quite frankly, she ought to bloody well get out of her especially naff kitchen.


Pictured top: Dawn Ward always delivers when it comes to posing for the camera.


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Dirty Dawn Can’t Take the Heat of the Coke – Washed up wastrel Dawn Ward often looks angry, but she’d be advised to tone down her temper when she appears in court for alleged cocaine possession and racially aggravated harassment in March 2022.
Dirty Dawn Can’t Take the Heat of the Coke – Dopey Dawn Ward has blocked on ‘The Steeple Times’ on Twitter. As Lauren Cooper in ‘The Catherine Tate Show’ would say: “Am I bovvered?”
Dirty Dawn Can’t Take the Heat of the Coke – Creosoted creature Dawn Ward – whom has also been accused of owing £500,000 to fellow ‘Real Housewives of Cheshire’ participant Leanne Brown – may have spent a small fortune on her kitchen, but anyone sane would just throw such naff faux woodwork in a skip.
Dirty Dawn Can’t Take the Heat of the Coke – If the plastic not fantastic wack job that is Dawn Ward had been born in a different age, she’d likely be a reincarnation of Violet Elizabeth Bott.

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  • Send her Down Under for a bit of spanking punishment!!!!!!!!!!!!! She's plastic so it won't hurt ---- but I insist the daughter gets thrown in for some joy for me too!!!!!!!!!!! I'll have them both over my knee!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • She got caught with coke in a railway station. How's she going to explain that away?

    As for the racism, she's typical of the bigot lazy English who blame immigrants for everything and then cannot even clean her own crib! I bet she has a Polish house maid.

  • Spot on article. She is worse than the Wicked Witch of the West.

    She bullies the others on the Real Housewives and she is cruel and vicious with her tongue.

    Dawn Ward is worse than pond scum. She's more like Japanese knotweed. Impossible to bloody get rid of.

  • Why are you being so mean to Dawn?

    She plainly has been set up by the police.

    They are just jealous of her. The officers were probably gay and fancy Ashley.

  • Dawn's husband is plainly a wimp. If he had even an ounce of gumption, he'd slap her in chains in the dungeon of that creepy halloween house of theirs. Perhaps he could dress up in a gimp suit for her down there also. I bet she likes a bit of filth.

  • As a pensioner struggling on by, I find this lady very offensive. Vulgar, vulgar, vulgar. Prison would do her good.

  • It is shocking that you are focused on this plainly innocent and as Trisha says set up woman. Dawn Ward has done good for charity but she has yet to give to the FIND MADELEINE, FIND HER NOW campaign and I urge her to join with us all working to help dear Gerry and Kate find their beloved daughter Madeleine. We need to FIND MADELEINE and FIND HER NOW and Dawn's wealth could help. Dawn - when you read this, contact the FIND MADELEINE campaign immediately and counter this stupid publication's efforts to smear the names of Gerry and Kate and yourself also with something positive to help FIND MADELEINE, FIND HER NOW. P.S. Christian B is guilty of the abduction and he must be made to tell us where Madeleine now is. We need to FIND MADELEINE, FIND HER NOW.

  • Thanks for reminding me of Violet Elizabeth Bott. I'd forgotten her. The actress looks like Fiz from Coronation Street. Whatever happened to her?

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