Lord Wei

This English “social reformer” became the first British-born person of Chinese origin to enter the House of Lords in June 2010. A one time advisor to David Cameron’s ‘Big Society’ project and a member of the founding team of Teach First, Oxford educated Lord Wei is the son of a pastor and missionary and lives in Shoreditch. He has over 6,000 followers on Twitter and declares on his website that he “never intended to enter politics”. A former McKinsey & Company consultant, Lord Wei views the 7th Earl of Shaftesbury to be his inspiration.



  1. McKinsey and Co provided the Conservatives with that leader from oop North; you know the one with the strangled vowels and the Anderson and Sheppard shoulders;

    So why not give this Peer one a pat on the head and relax in the comfort of Feng Shui’ going forward ‘ in the ‘ big society ‘;

    Like me, you probably won’t understand the last sentence as it’s elitist speak

    • I am not sure about strangled. I sense he deliberately cultivates the Yorkshireman image.
      Why on earth does he not admit he is gay….who would care


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