Howard Raymond

He’s taken action against 16 newspapers as: “If they tell lies, I sue them” and another court case resulted in Michael Winterbottom having to change the name of a film about his father, the club owner, pornographer and property tycoon Paul Raymond. Termed by some as the new “King of Soho”, Raymond launched a London dry gin of the same name in 2013.

The Roll Call - TYCOONS


  1. His father did much to destroy Soho and, apart from owning much of it, and did little to deserve any moniker other than that of ****. [EDITED]

  2. Gandhi was the 1982 biographical film based on the life of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. Gandhi was not the commander of great armies, nor the ruler of vast lands. It took one remarkable man to defeat the British Empire and free a nation of 350 million people.
    A film based on the life of Paul Raymond falls under a completely different class of ideas within a conseptual framework. Paul Raymond did not achieve “Scholar and Gentleman” status in his life time.
    What is Howard Raymond’s beef?


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