Wally of the Week: Tony Parsons

Comparing phone hacking to Jihad is simply ludicrous


In yesterday’s Sun on Sunday, “warm heart[ed], acid tongue[d]” Tony Parsons ranted about the “waste of money” that has been the “assorted inquisitions into the newspaper industry”. Whilst much of what he stated is true, the way in which he linked this to the war on Jihad was quite ridiculous.


Tony Parsons


Parsons asked:


“Does anyone out there truly believe that we should be spending millions on the unsuccessful prosecution of journalists when there are murderous fanatics out there who would dance on all our graves?”


In answer, this journalist, broadcaster and author suggested:


“Only pious, self-righteous celebrities and political pygmies who have had their financial and sexual affairs exposed. This is there malicious, multi-million pound witchhunt”.


Parsons is wrong. Andy Coulson, et al. have been deservedly convicted for their wrongdoing and that should not be forgotten.

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