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Rolf’s Rotters

Rolf’s Rotters – Rolf Harris supporters Jonathan King & Lizzie Cornish – Loopy Lizzie Cornish and paedophile pop promoter Jonathan King leap to the defence of child abuser and playground pest Rolf Harris.

Loopy Lizzie Cornish and pop paedophile Jonathan King leap to the defence of child abuser and playground pest Rolf Harris


Disgraced music mogul Jonathan King is someone who bizarrely believes that the serial killer Dr Harold Shipman – a man who possibly murdered 250 of his patients – may have been a victim of the media. Yesterday, this odd looking singer-songwriter stooped to a new low by defending a fellow nonce, Rolf Harris, in the wake of news that the latter had turned up in a primary school playground.


In a comment on Twitter, King pompously announced:


#RolfHarris – I think the media should be prosecuted for hate crimes. A disgraceful and stupid story deliberately designed to provoke hatred and violence. Bastards.


Responding, all-round nuisance and Rolf Harris obsessive Lizzie Cornish joined in and aside from sharing her views with the Mail Online, issued a more detailed supporting rant on Facebook. In it, this nutty, self-professed “woman pissed off by lying women” droned on about “despair” and commented:


Gawd, I DESPAIR of thick journalists who know NOTHING of the subject of their stories. Just off the phone to the Mail Online about their recent ‘Rolf Story’, dressed up to be all that it was NOT. The CONSTANT PERSECUTION of Rolf is beyond shocking, but the STUPIDITY and IGNORANCE of these people DARING to call themselves JOURNALISTS shocks me even more. Today’s one didn’t even KNOW Rolf has already had one case overturned by The Court of Appeal, arrogantly telling me “HE ABUSED AN 8 YEAR OLD, YOU KNOW!”. There was, the usual, stunned silence when I informed him that case was overturned in November 2017…..


I’m not Jewish, but….OY VEY!


Story? Rolf, one of the most creative, friendly humans on the planet, who’s worked with children (and adults) for 60 years, spots a sculptor using wood for his sculpture, in a school playing field, excitedly dashes over to talk to him, probably to give him lots of encouragement, as that’s Rolf All Over, as well as discussing the finer points of sculpting….Then, Rolf merely waves to children INSIDE the school, without thinking, as after 60 YEARS of a totally UNBLEMISHED CAREER working WITH children, it’s an AUTOMATIC reaction, even after all he’s been put through, as the children were watching both men….Headmaster goes out, shakes Rolf’s hand, explains he can’t be on school grounds, Rolf realizes his mistake immediately, leaves straight away….Head feels he has to inform police, I’d imagine in case any child told their parents, thus putting him in awkward situation…Press get hold of it, turn it into a Paedo Lurking In The Bushes kind of story to grab the headlines yet again using Rolf’s name, and thus, get as much money from their advertizerment backers as possible. 




With Harris having been out for another wander in public again yesterday as well, shame once again on him but shame also on these two oddballs.


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