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Beecher’s Muck – Far right Jay Beecher supports Ghislaine Maxwell – Ghislaine Maxwell’s latest supporter revealed to be Jay Beecher, a far right-wing political writer and ex-Ukipper with associations to the quite rightly banned-from-Facebook ‘Politicalite’

Ghislaine Maxwell’s latest supporter revealed to be Jay Beecher, a far right-wing political writer and ex-Ukipper with associations to the quite rightly banned-from-Facebook ‘Politicalite’

PR peddler Brian Basham is doing his best to get just about anyone he can to come out to join the tedious twerp Richard Madeley in support of his client, the alleged child groomer and alleged sexual abuser, Ghislaine Maxwell. Frankly, for him, just about anyone who’ll bang the drum for the mucky madam as she seeks bail for a fourth time will now do.


Now, today, we can reveal the latest to join Basham’s not-so-exclusive club is a man named Jay Beecher. He claims to be a ‘journalist’ and also the founder of an organisation with a currently defunct site named Vote Watch.


Vote Watch, curiously, according to a Patreon page supported by just 43 people, was something that aimed to “provide groundbreaking reports exposing media bias, left-wing extremism, and corruption.” It set out to “expose crooked politicians [with]… undercover journalism, exclusive news, and in-depth investigations,” but now Beecher has plainly turned to the very, very dark side and is being lauded by for supporting convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged head honcho.


In two tweets that were subsequently shared by the ‘official’ @RealGhislaine campaign yesterday, Beecher announced:


“ONE TO WATCH: The new site has now been covered by the Mail, NY Post etc, & sets out to counter MSM bias & ‘fake news.’ GHISLAINE Maxwell’s Siblings, @RealGhislaine Launch New Website To Counter MSM Fiction.”


“Also worth remembering that they are Ghislaine’s brothers and sisters, so don’t deserve to be attacked simply for doing what anyone else would do – defend a family member they love.”


Elsewhere, Jay Beecher is heavily involved with producing content for the controversial far right website Politicalite – which claims to be a “proudly right-wing website that supports the silent majority of forgotten working-class men and women from across the UK. We back Britain’s vote for Brexit and America’s vote for President Trump.” Politicalite was deservedly  banned from Facebook “for violating the company’s hate-speech policies” in May 2020.


Beecher was also convicted of driving offences whilst standing as a Conservative candidate in a by-election for Peterborough City Council in June 2017. He was fined for driving whilst disqualified, driving with no insurance and having no MOT on his car, but in Maxwell-esque ‘innocence’ claimed: “This is a personal matter. It was a misunderstanding. It won’t affect me going forward.”


Beecher’s Muck – Ghislaine Maxwell’s race to try to attempt to stop her trial starting in July looks as likely at succeeding as a donkey successfully jumping Becher’s Brook at Aintree. Here, the now incarcerated mucky madam is pictured with her then ‘bestie’ Prince Andrew, at Royal Ascot in 2000 in the days when she was considered a “socialite” and welcomed to ritzy events across the globe along with her paedophile boss Jeffrey Epstein.
According to his Twitter handle, the mucky madam Ghislaine Maxwell’s latest supporter, Jay Beecher, has been called “a journalist with balls” by Rod Liddle and described by the actor Michael Sheen as “an ignorant tw*t.”
According to the widely respected ‘Byline Times’s’ Sian Norris and Nafeez Ahmed on March 1st this year: “Beecher has also been accused of racism himself, having sent a tweet to Black Lives Matter activist Natalie Rowe saying that she looked like a ‘cross between seabiscuit and a transexual fish.’” Going further, Norris and Ahmed added: “[He] has been accused of running a sock puppet account known as ‘Rob Daniel’ or ‘The Secret Journalist.’ The account frequently shared posts by Beecher and, when Beecher was challenged by ‘Byline Times’s’ executive editor, ‘Daniel’ sent a ‘troll reply.’ Beecher denies this, inviting ‘Daniel’ for a pint. Bots frequently share Beecher’s tweets.”
Jay Beecher was described as being suspended from UKIP for “being a naughty boy” according to a clip posted on YouTube in October 2016 by a postman and Labour councillor called Darren Fowler.
In June 2019, Jay Beecher was interviewed by controversial journalist Rod Liddle in the context of alleged voter fraud in Peterborough.

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