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A helping hand

Timpson offers free dry cleaning for the unemployed


We all need a helping hand from time to time and in offering unemployed people free cleaning of outfits for an interview, the dry cleaning business Timpson sets an example that other businesses should follow.


James Timpson OBE describes himself on Twitter as “chief exec Timpson Group. cobbler, prison recruiter, believer in upside down management, colleagues not staff and being a great boss”.
Timpson now offers to clean outfits for the unemployed for free


A sign, which is now displayed in all of their 1,395 stores that offer dry cleaning, reads:


“If you are unemployed and need an outfit cleaned for an interview we will clean it for free”.


Beneath it is a photograph of the company’s CEO, James Timpson OBE, with the caption:


“When times are tough, we will help you look your best”.


This generous and thoughtful offer comes from a business that has been run by the same family for five generations and one that focuses its charitable efforts on helping the disadvantaged. More companies should follow their lead.



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    • This really restores faith in human nature doesn't it. A generous and useful offer. Well done Timpson and thanks Matthew for telling us about it.

    • You are a hypocrite Matthew, You refused my last comment one the dreadful Trott. Yet YOU can make a comment. Why so sensitive? I don't expect you'll publish this either. How sad.

      • You are as entitled as your view as the next man. We have published this remark despite not knowing what you are talking about.

    • John Timpson is a great Englishman. He and his wife have helped so many young people through fostering.
      If any man deserves a peerage it's Timpson. A realleader of men.

    • Why aren't Timpson supporting the Find Madeleine fund? I call upon John Timpson to donate to dear Gerry and Kate's efforts to find their beloved daughter Madeleine McCann. The unemployed are not in danger whereas poor Madeleine has suffered long enough. It is time to bring her home. May 2015 be the year.

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