Toronto’s country estates in the city

Toronto’s country estates in the city – 37 Edgehill Road, Etobicoke, Toronto, Ontario, M9A4N1, Canada – £3.8 million (CAD $7 million, US $5.5 million or €4.8 million) – Lord and Lady Black – Conrad Black and Barbara Amiel – 26 Park Circle Lane, North York – £9.1 million (CAD $16.5 million, US $12.9 million or €11.4 million)

After the sale of Conrad Black’s mansion provided indication of interest in Toronto’s real estate market, The Steeple Times features a similarly spectacular property in nearby Etobicoke


Last month, one-time media magnate and ex-jailbird Lord Black pulled off the extraordinary feat of selling his 23,000 square foot Bride Path, Toronto mansion for £9.1 million (CAD $16.5 million, US $12.9 million or €11.4 million) whilst managing to retain residency.


Toronto’s country estates – Conrad Black and Barbara Amiel will remain in their Toronto mansion despite having sold it for £9.1 million in March 2016


First listed at £11.7 million (CAD $21.8 million, US $16.7 million or €14.8 million), 26 Park Circle Lane in North York was built by Black’s father, George Montegu Black, in the 1950s and includes a chapel blessed by two cardinals, two two-storey libraries and 6.6 acres of land. Of his arrangement to stay on post the sale, Lord Black told The Star: “It’s a sale and lease-back with a possible buy-back, all on a reasonable basis. I expect we shall remain in the house for some years at least, and perhaps permanently”.


Elsewhere nearby and indicative of the boom in interest in luxury real estate in Toronto, Sotheby’s are offering what is being described as a “country estate in the city”, 37 Edgehill Road in Etobicoke at a price of £3.8 million (CAD $7 million, US $5.5 million or €4.8 million).


Toronto’s country estates – 37 Edgehill Road
The house features numerous entertaining spaces


Currently owned by a British born businesswoman and used in a number of films and television series, this 11,420 square foot detached house stands on an unusually large 1.42 acre plot and includes 6 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms. It has been decorated using the finest imported materials and features antique carved mantle Louis XV fireplaces, hand-painted murals and ironwork from a French chateau.


Not requiring the maintenance associated with older houses, 37 Edgehill Road also features a lower level entertainment room with a 12-foot long antique bar from Prince Edward Island, a full caterer’s kitchen and a 4-car garage.


An antique bar is amongst the unusual features installed by the current owner
A map indicating the proximity of both Etobicoke and North York to the city centre of Toronto


For further information on 37 Edgehill Road contact Alex Brott of Sotheby’s on +1 877 960 9995­ and to watch a virtual tour of the property, click here.



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    1. Keep a copy of Tom Bower’s biography of Lord Black handy to dip into when you feel a little low

      Not only will you die laughing, but it will make you feel a million Canadian dollars – that’s a solemn promise

    2. The Edgehill Road property is a bargain compared to equivalents in say Surrey, England. It has a good balance of accommodation and is plainly well presented.

      Conrad Black’s house, however, is just too large and it is quite unattractive inside. He is lucky to have got the price he did.

    3. Conrad Black and his wife certainly are still living life to the full!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Two libraries and a chapel of their own!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No wonder they didn’t want to leave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    4. The irony of it all is that the end of the day he is really buying he’s own house from himself.?! They are just one big brotherhood anyway. They own the banks so that makes all the money theirs. Read the book called bullshit Britain. Great little book.


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