The word ‘rich’ is relative

Website of the Week: Rich Kids of Instagram


The Rich Kids of Instagram website is an Internet phenomenon that has come to illustrate the gulf between the haves and the have nots.


The site, whose homepage includes the strapline “They have more money than you and this is what they do”, was launched in 2012 and is a place where images sent in by spoilt rich children including Paris Hilton’s brother, Barron, are shared. In them, boastful teenagers share details of their luxurious lifestyles. Supercars, weapons, champagne, yachts and caviar are commonplace.


A poster on “RKOI” shares an image of his bulldog on a private jet: “No man gets left behind. #californiabound by samanthaturple #petsandprivatejets”
Barron Hilton boards a private jet: “Made it back in one piece! by barronhilton”
The young Hilton relaxes in The Hamptons: “Lampin’ by barronhilton #hamptons”
A suitcase full of Tod’s: “6 days in Monaco, 13 pairs of Tod’s #confessionsofanoverpackerby bradkush”
A bill and a half: “#aceofspades #magnum #magnumbelevedere #belevedere #youngmoney by prehndk”
Sleeping on an Airbus: “Who needs a Gulfstream when you can have an airbus- #topoftheworld #lifeisgood by maxhstern Who needs a Gulfstream when you can have an airbus- #topoftheworld #lifeisgood by maxhstern”
A fat brat and his entourage: “Street bums @ej_antoinette @toddrsinger @andrewmedjuck by stewartlife12 Street bums @ej_antoinette @toddrsinger @andrewmedjuck by stewartlife12”

Amongst regular posters is a San Franciscan named Param. Operating from an Instagram account named @itslavishbitch, this especially indulgent 17-year old posts photographs of himself filling his lavatory with Pellegrino water, releasing $2,000 tied to helium balloons into the air and posing with nine iPhones. Of those who criticise him, he responded: “I don’t give one damn to what a peasant thinks”.


Another, Annabel Schwartz, 19, came to regret posting snapshots of her summer in St. Tropez on RKOI and told


“My friends and I don’t want to be associated with this… This is very embarrassing… We all grew up quite nicely but I don’t want to be embarrassed by the fact that I can enjoy myself in Saint-Tropez… Everyone here considers themselves to be a lot more substantial than their father’s credit card. I’m a fashion designer. My girlfriend goes to Cornell. I don’t want to be represented by my money and my vacation experiences”.


Readers of The Steeple Times are invited to submit their own images at their peril.



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  • A long time ago,, a woman said,, "Let them eat cake" Not long after,, they cut off her head.
    People all over the world are on the streets demonstrating and being killed for a better life,
    People here in the UK are finding it so hard just to pay the bills day to day,,this lot are truly

  • The Hilton Clan make my blood boil. Barron was involved in a drunken driving rage in 2008, in which witnesses said that Hilton was involved in at least one collision, drove the wrong way for miles down the Pacific Coast Highway and finally pulled into a petrol station in Malibu. Where the Hotel Heir struck an petrol station employee.
    He was arrested and charged, but nothing much came out of it. No consequences for these rich brats.
    Give Barron Hilton a rope he will eventually hang himself. They are not vile, pathetic is more appropriate.

  • I look one of those photos (@maxhstern). Please do not criticise like you are doing when you do not know anything about the person that took the photo. For example, I do not spend ANY of my family's money, I earned every penny that I spend. I earned it through hard work and dedication. I have the right therefore to enjoy what I have worked for. There is nothing wrong with that in any way. So please stop.

    • Could you please pass that one by me again? Maybe, as you are so rich, you could find someone to translate your illiterate comments into some form of intelligible English.

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