Boxing Above Its Weight?

Boxing above its weight? Ex Sir Henry Cooper OBE 1973 Ferrari 365 GT4 2+2 for sale for 126% more than it sold for in 2015 – Coys ‘True Greats’ sale, London, Monday 5th December 2016 – £55,000 to £70,000 ($69,500 to $88,500 or €65,300 to €83,100 or درهم‎‎255,400 to درهم‎‎325,100)

Will a Ferrari once owned by Sir Henry Cooper achieve 126% more than it did a year ago?


Last November, Silverstone Auctions sold a 1973 Ferrari 365 GT4 2+2 that was at one time owned by the legendary boxer Sir Henry Cooper OBE. After featuring in The Steeple Times, it fetched just £30,938 ($39,125 or €36,746 or درهم‎‎143,684) on an estimate of £40,000 to £45,000 ($50,600 to $56,900 or €47,500 to €53,500 or درهم‎‎185,800 to درهم‎‎209,000) but, now, just a year later, its purchaser is trying to sell it on again for a figure – if its top estimate is achieved – that is 126% higher.


Offered this time by Coys at their ‘True Greats’ auction on Monday 5th December in London, the Rosso Corsa with complementing biscuit hide car comes with new carpets, 60,000 miles on the clock, a cherished plate ‘CCZ 365’ and a set of boxing gloves signed by the heavyweight.


Will it box above its weight and achieve £55,000 to £70,000 ($69,500 to $88,500 or €65,300 to €83,100 or درهم‎‎255,400 to درهم‎‎325,100)? We’d be surprised but stranger things have happened.




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