A Cut Cost Chalet

Britain’s weirdest home for sale for a sum 61% lower than the £13 million sum asked for it in 2016; it has been repossessed and comes with a 69-foot long indoor beach


In October 2016, The Steeple Times featured what could quite possibly be Britain’s weirdest home. Offered then for £10 million, The Chalet at East Molesey in Surrey has now been repossessed and is being marketed for just £5 million – or a sum 61% lower than its initial asking price of £13 million in August 2016.


Now marketed by Savills on behalf of LPA Receivers, the Grade II listed chalet was imported from Switzerland in 1882. It includes an indoor 69-foot man-made beach filled with 40 tonnes of sand, a dining room with an especially vulgar 18-seat Swarovski crystal table and a kitchen with just what any budding Mary Berry couldn’t live without – five Gaggenau fridges.


Extending to 5,478 square foot in total, The Chalet also comes with a number of private moorings on the River Thames.


The Chalet, Hampton Court Road, East Molesey, Surrey, KT8 9BP – The Numbers


March 2018 – £5 million ($6.9 million, €5.6 million or درهم25.3 million).


October 2016 – £10 million ($13.8 million, €11.2 million or درهم50.7 million).


August 2016 – £13 million ($17.9 million, €14.6 million or درهم65.9 million).


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  1. I would not pay $5 for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wrecking ball urgently required!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bet lots of dirtiness went on on that beach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Filthy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gross!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. It is too weird for words. Perhaps Katie Price should move in as I see she’s looking like a horror show with her botched facejob in the red tops today.

  3. The most mind-blowing thing of this fabulous story, thanks Matthew, another bullseye, is that it’s Grade ll listed. What was it like before the owner got his mitts on it to justify Grade ll listing, and did he get permission to do some of these changes? Thirdly, who the hell would use him as am architect?

  4. What an absolute gross mish mash of design, I think this Architect must have been dropping LSD when he thought this one up. It looks like something that should be sitting on the Mekong river. How the hell does stuff like this get past the planning departments?

  5. Comes complete with several charging orders for court cases if you check with land registry. Quick google, seems these are high court charging orders. So, ugly, tasteless and with a dodgy title!

  6. A charging order doesn’t mean that title is dodgy. It simply means that the relevant debts will be paid off from the proceeds of the sale. As the property is being sold by receivers, it is quite likely that one or more of those with charging orders are forcing the sale. If the sale doesn’t raise enough money to pay off the creditors they will have to pursue the previous owner. The charges against the property will be removed when it is sold.


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