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“Wild Times” With ‘Randy Andy’

As Prince Andrew’s notches on the bedpost non-counter Michael Wynne-Parker talks of their “wild times” bedding birds, we suggest the randy royal might do better to silence his chirping chums including ‘Lady Herpes’ also

Stripped even of his honorary membership of the Royal Dornoch Golf Club in Sutherland in what was described as a “welcome move given that certain standards of behaviour are expected of members,” Prince Andrew has now been reduced to adding an unnamed “source who served with him in the Falklands War” and the controversial PR peddler Michael Wynne-Parker to his rotten roster of spinners as he tries to find a way to solve the problem of his having to pay circa £12 million ($16 million, €14.3 million or درهم59.1 million) to a woman he claimed to have never met.


Yesterday, in a feature by news reporter Patrick Hill titled “Prince Andrew ‘broken’ after legal settlement with sex accuser, old pal reveals” the Mirror reported that the Queen’s second son is in “low spirits” and is “down.”


Going further, the individual suggested that letting him remain a Vice Admiral would “cheer him up” and remarked: “If he wants to dress up once in a while in a naval uniform, then let him.”


“He was actually not a bad person when I knew him. He had a few entitlement issues but that is to be expected.”


“His reputation is in tatters, his public life is over. He is a walking embarrassment.”


“Frankly, my view is let him keep the rank of Vice Admiral. He served in the Royal Navy in the Falklands War and this was bestowed upon him by the Queen. It’s effectively the same as an honorary degree.”


“He hasn’t been convicted of anything. I have no idea whether he is guilty or innocent, so I think he has paid quite a heavy price.”


Upping the ante in speaking with The Mail on Sunday’s Emily Prescott, “one of Prince Andrew’s most steadfast friends” 76-year-old Michael Wynne-Parker – an individual linked also to the cash for honours scandal that has inveigled Prince Charles and Michael Fawcett also – suggested that he and his mate used to have “such a wild time with party girls… that it would be no surprise if [the Duke of York had forgotten them].”


Fecklessly tattling further, the notably rambunctious Wynne-Parker made out that he and his promiscuous Pizza Express-loving chum liked to notch up numbers in the bedroom department in stating:


“In those days we were having almost nightly parties in Tramp or whatever. We were going to these clubs and there would be 20 beautiful girls. Have a dance with this one, have a dance with that one. And then you’d end up in bed with that one. I’m sorry to say you might not even remember that person – you know, even five years later.”


“Even if he had met [Virginia Roberts Giuffre] all those years ago, it’s very possible he completely forgot.”


“We were living in wild times in those days. Wild times.”


Asked also about why clearly the very randy royal brought up his “non-sweating” situation when interviewed, Wynne-Parker was more simple iand just noted: “I don’t know why he brought that up. He must regret that.”


Meanwhile elsewhere, showing herself yet again a birdbrained desperado, the noxious nuisance that is Lady Victoria Hervey – a woman rejected as a lover by both sexual gadabouts Jeffrey Epstein and Prince Andrew – managed to get herself a few column inches in the MailOnline. In a feature by Latoya Gayle in which it was claimed the ‘aristoprat’ was contrastingly “in good spirits,” it was noted that the pointless prattler had “wrongly accused [Virginia Roberts Giuffre] of lying” and “even contradicted herself.”


Adding to the evidence against the disaster area nicknamed ‘Lady Herpes,’ Gayle cuttingly concluded: “It appears Lady Victoria is mistaken with her dates.” Perhaps it’s now time for this particular harridan to sign-up on Tinder.


Pictured top – A woman furiously thumping on the window of a somewhat astonished looking Prince Andrew in Windsor (left) and his tub-thumping bestie Michael Wynne-Parker enjoying “wild times” with a whisky (right).


The Duke of York (pictured guffawing with the equally greedy “Chanel-clad” grabber Baroness Meyer) has previously made no secret of his dislike for the media and has been known even to suggested he disliked “those ***** journalists who poke their noses everywhere.”
Speaking in an episode of ‘True Royalty’s’ ‘The Royal Beat’ the ‘Mirror’s’ royal editor Russell Myers remarked: “Speaking to friends of his this week – they say he still feels he has a lot to offer public life again. I still believe that he is the only person on the planet that believes that [apart from] possibly Fergie and possibly the Queen. He is only 61, but it is impossible to see how he could have any future.”
Reduced increasingly in the circle of friends he can rely upon, the Duke of York and his batshit bonkers live-in ex-wife have been reduced to inviting even the coffin dodger Bernie Ecclestone round to Royal Lodge, Windsor. Whether the ancient skinflint takes a Sloppy Giuseppe or two from Pizza Express for such nights-in remains unknown.
“Right snob” for no good reason Lady Victoria Hervey continues to try to live off the nonsense she peddles about THAT notorious photograph supposedly taken by Jeffrey Epstein on 10th March 2001 at 44 Kinnerton Street, Belgravia home of the royal, Virginia Roberts and Ghislaine Maxwell. Pictured in Los Angeles, California looking decidedly dog-earred, this trashy desperado has now been shown to no utterly nothing about truth about this or frankly any other matter.
Teetotal Prince Andrew continues to be deservedly mocked online. This national laughing stock should now just fade into the shadows, but clearly that’s not on this notoriously pompous pillock’s agenda.
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