Hypocrite Harry’s Jubilee Jet

Hypocritical Duke and Duchess of Sussex deserve condemnation for indulging in £320,000 worth of private jet flights for their Jubilee trip; just who paid for these unwanted wastrels’ travels remains unknown.

Hypocritical Duke and Duchess of Sussex deserve condemnation for indulging in £320,000 worth of private jet flights for their Jubilee trip; just who paid for these unwanted wastrels’ travels remains unknown

Prince Harry likes to tell others to be environmentally conscious, but now after indulging in £160,000 each way flights on a Bombadier Global 6000 private jet, this brazen buffoon and his deranged diva wife have rightly been condemned.


Shot down as showing “enormous hypocrisy,” this “eco preaching” pair of pontificaters previously took ‘PJ’s’ funded by Sir Elton John and his titleless husband David Furnish in the summer of 2019. When questioned about this excessively indulgent behaviour, the tantrum prone singer responded:


“I am deeply distressed by today’s distorted and malicious account in the press surrounding the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s private stay at my home in Nice last week… I feel a profound sense of obligation to protect Harry and his family.”


“I’m calling on the press to cease these relentless and untrue assassinations on their character that are spuriously crafted on an almost daily basis.”


This time, rightly slammed as a “grotesque pair of platinum-grade hypocrites” who’ve “stuck two fingers up to climate change issues,” here is a couple who live by the mantra “do as I say, not as I do.”


Having now produced 10 times more carbon than if they had flown commercial and having used up to 30 times their annual carbon footprint in the two flights, it is now time to again call out these two whining whingebags and to simply tell them to fly off into obscurity.


Pictured top – Sir Elton John has repeatedly defended the decidedly dumb Prince Harry and the wicked wastrel wench formerly known as Meghan Markle for using private jets. He is wrong and the public are right to call out the hypocrisy of such antics.


Described as a “Russian oligarch kind of jet,” the Bombardier Global 6000 aircraft that the couple returned to California on from Farnborough emitted nearly 60 tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Of this, the ‘Daily Mail’ stated: “Under the terms of the Paris Agreement objective of keeping global warming below 2C, each person’s carbon budget should be no more than 2.1 tonnes per year – meaning Harry and Meghan exceeded this by nearly 15 times in just one flight. As the Sussexes also flew into Britain on a private jet, and assuming it was the same aircraft, their overall return trip would have exceeded the annual limit by nearly 30 times. By comparison, the carbon emission rating of flying from Heathrow to LA in an economy-class seat on a commercial aircraft is 1.4 tonnes, according to climate consultancy Cube6.” They added: “The Queen’s grandson previously described climate change as one of the ‘most pressing issues we are facing’, and told Oprah Winfrey during the couple’s bombshell interview last year: ‘We need to do better about stopping or allowing the things that are causing so much harm to so many of us at the source, rather than being distracted by the symptom.’”
In September 2019, it was reported that since marrying the former “yacht girl” Meghan Markle, Prince Charles’s second son is said to have used private plans for six out of ten flights despite claiming to travel commercial 99% of the time. Here is a condescending couple who tell others what to do and then who themselves go and do the exact opposite without shame or explanation.
Behaving like billionaires but not paying for it themselves seems to be perfectly acceptable to the prince and his deviant American wife.
The pathetic attention seeking son of the late Diana, Princess of Wales previously claimed that his decision to use private aircraft was because he was determined to “keep his family safe.” Clearly immune to the fact that the vast majority of the public who fly commercial are perfectly safe, here is a brat who clearly has no conception of how hypocritical he and his sordid sidekick truly are.

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  • Bravo Matthew, don't hold back with your disgust at these two pathetic attention seekers. They have no shame and I think they are behaving like this to provoke reactions. He is a jealous bitter man and will grow old all alone. She is just a former yacht girl as most of us know and the truth will surface about her past.

  • Matthew,
    Do the Cambridges frequently use private planes for business and vacation purposes? Do they own a private helicopter? Did the Royal family spend over one million pounds on private planes during Covid? Does William speak on environmental issues while using private planes and helicopters? April 5, 202l, The News, " Prince William blasted over private jet use after urging others to be climate friendly." Double standard?

    • One is a future King. The other keeps up a facade of pretending to be important. I will give William a pass.

      • "I will give William a pass." You and a large segment of our media. Invisible contract?The Daily mail just did an article on environmental hypocrites and failed to mention William. Double standard?Jan 2020- Buzzfeed documented 20 stories of Kate and Meghan doing the same behavior. Kate is praised while Meghan is harshly criticized. Why the discrepancies from the exact same papers? George would have never been compared to a chimpanzee at his birth. Why the difference with Meghan's child? Dailymail 2011, "Forging of a Princess."A description of KM when she worked on a large yacht in 2001-"The corporate clients loved her, especially the way she always seemed to be showing off her slender legs in tight blue shorts." The double standards need to end. Modeling(MM) or working (KM) on a yacht doesn't make you a yacht girl.

        • HO HUM! William & Kate, William & Kate! Most people don't approve of a child being made fun of or called names.. Give it a rest PLEASE!

          #KingWilliam & Queen Catherine

  • I was hoping you'd write a column about their utter, disgusting hypocrisy. There were commercial flights available.

    Have you seen the articles about the possibility that she was wearing a wire? The is-it-a-wire behind her left ear, her fiddling with the left collar, the lining for the coat collar that looked adrift and the suspicious bump in the front of her coat.... just sayin'.

  • This is so rich from these two ----considering his Travelyst "charity" actually pushes an agenda that has hotels, etc. rating YOU for how environmentally friendly you are.
    I happen to think we DO need to start making the environment more of a priority, but what's most needed is on the corporate level ---for instance, commercial fishing is responsible for a huge chunk of the plastic littering our oceans, etc.
    Realistically, regular people --the non-billionaire type --- are doing a lot just recycling instead of putting everything out in the trash.
    I much prefer Prince William's stance with his Earth Shot endeavor, which highlights all the positive things being done instead of just shaking a scolding finger at the rest of us for not doing enough.

  • "Yacht girl." Please provide your sources for this deliberate smear?Feb 2017- The Sun, "Miss Meghan Markle An apology." The rag apologized and retracted their fake news linking her to porn. Stating she scrubbed her past isn't a source for a defamatory accusation. Please post link to a credible news source for this statement. Thanks.

  • Oh ..Elton approves of spoiled, indulgent choices...and feels that his approval matters to the people of the western world..the deluded need the other deluded to remain deluded..they all deserve each other. The cartoon people seem to be feeling their oats as they usurp the Queens once in a lifetime party..folks got no class no mo..b

  • Matthew
    First, Cundy is a "journalist" for the Dailymail which MM defeated twice in court. Objective source? Jan 22- Media Bias/Fact Check, "The Dailymail scored a factual grade of 39.7% which is well below the average of 61.9% for all new sources." In 2017- Melania Trump won 2.9 million plus an apology from the Dailymail on a fake escort story. "Consensus has determined that the Dailymail is generally unreliable, and its reference is to be generally prohibited." The photograph you linked me to came from a 2016 photo shoot for Reitman which is a clothing chain of stores in Canada. MM was the brand ambassador for the chain and is advertising their clothing. The stripe dress is part of their 2016 Summer line. What the hell does modeling for Reitman have to do with prostitution?? There are pics of Kate M topless on a yacht. Does that make her a yacht girl? No. Please provide a link to any credible print or broadcast media proving MM was a"Yacht girl." Even the Dailymail has NEVER made this defamatory claim. Sir, you are free to dislike MM,but UK laws prohibit printing libel statements.

    • The image shows the wicked wench on a yacht and there are also allegations that this girl cavorted on such vessels in the past with others previously including allegedly Prince Andrew. Her raunchy antics on camera are far from dignified and imagery of her that circulates online is far from decent or dignified. You seem to protest too much, I'd suggest and if you don't like our content, you have the right not to read it. Next!

  • I noticed you didn't provide me with a link. Unproven allegations aren't facts. I'm here because I enjoy your alliteration style of writing. It's unique. I don't have to agree with every unsupported statement to enjoy that.

  • The whole Royal family live in a bubble and could never imagine what it would be like to live in the real world.
    They all have the attitude of, do as we say, not as we do, particularly Ginge and Cringe. The hypocrisy of them both, preaching to the rest of us about creating a small footprint on the planet, is bloody staggering.
    Apart from the whole royal family, here we have a couple who live in a massive mansion with Servants, Security, Nannies, Gardeners, Cooks etc. They seem to Jet off wherever at the slightest whim, whether it's dinner in NY, a baby shower or to visit a friend on the other side of the planet.
    I wish they would all just fade away, particularly these two muppets.

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