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A Life in a Sentence

A Life in a Sentence – Twitter handles summing up lives – Matthew Steeples finds amusement in Twitter handles; a life in a sentence can be found on some of the best profiles.

Matthew Steeples finds amusement in Twitter handles; a life in a sentence can be found on some of the best profiles

Last Friday, in anticipation of the drunken mess that would become ‘Super Saturday’ in premises of J. D. Wetherspoons across the land, I shared a Twitter video embed on the @SteepleTimes handle that did not surprise when it went viral.


In the tweet – which I captioned: “Two J. D. Wetherspoons customers at 3pm tomorrow” in honour of the pub chain where the odious Tim Martin regularly entertains our hapless Prime Minister Boris Johnson – a male and a female are seen staggering up and falling down a staircase whilst, frankly, p***ed out of their skulls.


The original tweet I shared came from one Keptin Quarantino and was accompanied by a description that read: “The pubs officially reopen tomorrow in England. We can class today as P***MASS EVE. I imagine many of you will relate to this video be it in Wetherspoons or somewhere else. Have fun, W**kspangles.” Whilst the 1:24-minute clip itself was indeed hilarious, what amused even more was to be found amongst the legion of replies and likes that came henceforth.


Aside from a witty comment suggesting that “a Remoaner pushed him” of the unfortunate male member of the drunken pair, I actually wholeheartedly enjoyed the Twitter handles of those that responded even more. The very best follow below.


Twitter might be a medium that attracts trolls, but unlike with the vain and the vacuous that pepper spray Instagram with their shameless selves ‘swerving’ for the camera, here is somewhere you’ll find some simple amusement: Take a look through peoples’ profiles and you’ll discover there’s more to an individual than just a life in a sentence.


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A Life in a Sentence – SophiaS – @whatalovelypair – “As my dear old East End mum says: ‘She’s all fur coat and no knickers…’”
A Life in a Sentence – Stephen Johnson – @SteJHindley – “Miserable sod that likes rugby. I drink too much and am lazy. Life coaching available.”
A Life in a Sentence – Pat Hetic – @Mr_Pat_Hetic – “Too lazy to achieve my full potential so now working as a village idiot near Chesterfield.”
A Life in a Sentence – Ceri Williams – @Cezzawilliams21 – “All my views are my own (and I have quite a few!)”
A Life in a Sentence – Graham Greenwood – @graham669 – “Lover of classic cars and a life long nudist.”
A Life in a Sentence – Dave Lee – @168dave – “Never been particularly politically motivated, but the shower of sh*t led by Bozo The F**king Clown have managed to change that!!”
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