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Booing Boris V Cooing Carrie – Johnsons Booed

Booing Boris V Cooing Carrie – Johnsons Booed

As rumours swirl about whether they are still actually living together, Boris Johnson and his puppet mistress Carrie unsurprisingly got booed at Jubilee Service of Thanksgiving

When she’s not lavishing £840 a roll of other peoples’ money on chintzy Lulu Lytle wallpaper or munching on fancy nosh gifted in Lady Bamford’s £1,000 a pop “colossal Daylesford hampers,” Carrie Johnson enjoys chucking no doubt very expensive red wine on sofas, abusing staff at Chequers and dancing to ABBA with the lads she nicknames “the gays.”


Still allegedly a senior advisor to the ocean conservation charity Oceana – which was for many years funded in part by the convicted mucky madam sex offender Ghislaine Maxwell – and also head of communications for the controversial Aspinall Foundation, the missing for some months now baby mama to the PM finally reappeared together on Friday in London.


Unsurprisingly booed on arrival and departure from St Paul’s Cathedral by many and jeered at by others, the public subsequently suggested on social media that yesterday’s show of unity was nothing but to keep the press and public’s speculations at bay.


Dressed like a scarlet woman in red, the former Miss Symonds’ body language was called out as “forced” whilst her husband looked somewhat haggard. Here, indeed, was a couple who clearly were not enjoying the moment and a couple doing it only to help fend off the fact that around 30 Tory MPs have most definitely submitted letters of no confidence to the 1922 Committee.


With more likely having done so without declaring their hands, we now have a Prime Minister in both personal and political turmoil. He is not a steady captain for the ship that is Great Britain and once the fun and festivities are over on Monday, it is time for ration and reason. It is now time to start the process of getting this country back to dignified political leadership as we move into Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s 71st year at the helm.


Pictured top – Yesterday, satirical site @Mockeree shared on Twitter: “Boris and Carrie Johnson appear together at the #PlatinumJubilee thanksgiving service, quashing rumours of a rift.”


LBC radio jockey James O’Brien suggested that the Prime Minister’s wife wore a “hat that shields her husband from her sight” whilst others argued the jeering at St Paul’s to be “judged best international PR move by [the] British public since 2016.”
Others, amongst them Saif Islam, suggested the reaction was “not isolated” and added this was a “roar of rage from Middle of England.” Here is a premier who is truly loathed and detested and frankly here is a wazzock who should just have stayed at home.
As the Conservative leader and his current wife arrived at St Paul’s Cathedral on Friday, they were most certainly met with anything but adulation. Here instead the modern-day Marie Antoinette and her bumbling buffoon husband found themselves hearing the wrath of a public sick to their stomachs with a government that governs only for the benefit of themselves.
As the couple left the event, they were again met with jeering. It illustrated how hated they truly are and it is most certainly indication that it is time for them to go. With polls predicting a “very heavy loss” in the Wakefield by-election and the likelihood of the 54-letter threshold being reached on Monday, here is a leader on the verge of being toppled and here is one that the public most certainly will not miss. It is time for this national disgrace to do the decent thing on the final day of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s Jubilee and it is time for him to finally resign. Decent, true people everywhere would most certainly say cheers to that.
Members of the public cited the current government’s policies on Brexit and the Partygate scandal as amongst the reasons they jeered the current Conservative Prime Minister and his puppet mistress wife. They did not harbor dislike for the Queen, but they do harbour hatred for this country’s rotten government.

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