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Beating Borwick

‘The Steeple Times’ urges readers in Kensington to vote tactically to unseat Victoria Borwick


Victoria Borwick, in spite of representing a constituency that was home to a greater proportion of EU nationals than any other London borough in 2016, was a firm advocate of Brexit. In the months since the disastrous vote, she has continued to ignore the fact that 69% of residents of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea voted ‘Remain’ and on that basis we urge readers based in the locality to vote against her in the forthcoming general election.


Though Theresa May supporting Lady Borwick has a majority of 7,361 (21.1%), the best way to unseat her would be a high turnout and for voters to unite behind one candidate. Whilst Labour have previously come second, most will be unable to engage with the thought of backing Jeremy Corbyn and on that basis, the only option is the Liberal Democrat candidate Annabel Mullin.


Annabel Mullin is the only candidate who can realistically unseat the Tories in Kensington
Victoria Borwick does not represent the views of her constituents on membership of the European Union


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  • In spite of her views on Europe, Victoria is a good constituency MP. I will be voting for her.

    • are right. Borwick is a highly effective MP and always ready to work for her constituents.

    • How is she a good constituency MP? I've tried to contact her on multiple issues, but she doesn't bother to respond. She doesn't seem to do anything remotely useful in Parliament either. Frankly I've no idea what she actually does. I don't have a party allegiance, I just want a decent representative and that's not Victoria Borwick.

      • Jo, don't tell lies! She is was of the most assiduous MP's. In fact, if she can be criticised it's because she get too involved in issues which the local councillor should be dealing with.
        Now, get on with something useful instead of making up silly stories!

        • Exactly how is she a good MP? Just look at her abysmal record on 'They Vote For You'. Not only is she completely out of step with her constituents on the biggest issue facing Britain since WWII (69% of RBKC voters chose to REMAIN in Europe), but she also comes near the bottom of the list in terms of MPs' responsiveness. She is one of the worst at responding to her constituents. She does not care one jot about her constituents.

        • She's utterly useless - as the statistics (and residents experience) prove.

          Also a Brexiteer and a lobbyist for the ivory trade.

    • Victoria Borwick has been wonderfully supportive to the voluntary sector. She is always there for us and for her constituents. She is conscientious about attending parliament. I do not understand who is starting all this false news or as a simple person I would say falsehoods. I notice that the Lib Dem Candidate is repeating all this. Victoria Borwick has lived in Kensington all her life. The Lib Dem Candidate says her parents live in Kensington and Chelsea so clearly she doesn't! Are we voting for her parents? Are we being asked to vote for someone who is too embarrassed to say where she does live? Very sad

    • Rifkind was a much better MP, and a distinguished one at that. Borwick doesn't bother to answer quite of lot of letters sent to her.

      The local Conservatives are generally quite useless at constituent service. I guess they have such big majorities that they don't care.

    • She's a terrible MP. The independent theyworkforyou site rates her as one of the very worst - only replied to 18 per cent of communications to her

    • Please just one example of a major speech or issue she's campaigned on that isnt in direct opposition to her commons voting record.

  • Borwick has the look of a snarling fox in the first picture and looks like a deranged hag in the second. I will not be supporting her.

  • She is supporting Teresa May, the woman who will MAKE GREAT BRITAIN GREAT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Victoria Borwick should be promoted for standing up to the REMOANING WHINGERS of Kensington!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lock them all up!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Vote Borwick!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Well, that tells you all you want to know about Borwick supporters - they actually want to lock up the majority of the people in Kensington who voted Remain.

  • I live in Westminster and I will be voting Liberal Democrat for the first time in my life. Mark Field has let us down very badly and though I supported Brexit like him, I now realise the mistake I made. I want an MP who'll stand up to Mrs May and represent Britain better. Her party has given up on us.

  • Brilliant picture of dreadful Lady Borwick. She was a terrible councillor and in bed with the Candy brothers you know. Get her out!!

    • You are a dimwit. She was a brilliant councillor who stood up for residents.
      She is the best MP this constituency has had for many years. What on earth are you talking about! The Candy Bros.

      • We will definitely have to agree to disagree about her record. She is as useful as a chocolate teapot. May she melt into obscurity. Ghastly woman.

        • Mathew, have you ever met Victoria?
          I know her very well. She is one of the most compassionate of people.

      • It is very simply really. It doesn't matter if she is the second coming of Margaret Thatcher (which she clearly isn't). On the biggest issue in Britain in the last 70 years, she not only completely ignored her constituency's overwhelming views but she also did not have the courage to discuss it and answer up to it. I think she is simply not a good advocate for Kensington and will not defend London or Kensington from the asinine hard Brexit that some idiot Tories seem to be salivating for. She does not represent us. She represents her own traditions and that has nothing to do with democracy

  • I used to be a Conservative but this initiative is spot on. We voted REMAIN and Borwick still doesn't accept that. Vote her out on 8th June and vote in Annabel Mullin.

  • You should not be encouraging individuals who wish to sabotage our Brexit negotiations. The will of the people must rule the roost.

    • The will of Kensington was against isolation. She has a duty to her constituents which she's failed. She's made no effort to protect the Europeans in our community, or the risks to our academics, doctors, businesses.

    • Exactly! And the will of the people of Kensington is that she go repreeny some other neighbourhood- maybe some little hamlet in England full of old people

    • That is not only nonsense, it's a horribly mixed metaphor. The opposition should never have to fall into line.

    • The vote does not represent the will of the people because they were lied to by a bunch of right wing bigots.

  • Come on! Time for the political haggling to end! Stop trying to sabotage someone who will, as Rod rightly points out, MAKE GREAT BRITAIN GREAT AGAIN.

    • yes. Make Great Britain great again by disrespecting the NHS, your biggest trade partner, etc, etc and just generally being clueless about what balances the budget in your country. Go watch England play in the World Cup and leave the serious matters of a country to adults

  • As usual editorial comment from Matthew Steeples - the editor who tells it like he fantasises it to be.
    What "disastrous vote"? Oh he means the vote in which the majority (including myself) voted for BREXIT. Sadly I don't live in either the RBK&C or Victoria Borwick's constituency but if I did live in the latter I would be voting for her - unless UKIP have a candidate

    • Well said, Iain.
      The EU is the fantasy world of a load of self serving and greedy politicians. Thank God we are out from under!

      • We've been cut adrift and will be sold down the river by even more self serving politicians at home. Brexit will be a disaster for ordinary people.

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