Maxwell Booked

As she is quite deservedly denied bail for a FOURTH time, mucky madam Ghislaine Maxwell sues the publishers of a book about her and Jeffrey Epstein; we respond by urging readers to buy ‘Vice Island’ now

Jean-Gabriel Fredet – the former editor of the popular French news magazine Le Nouvel Observateur (now known as L’Obs) – is a greatly respected journalist. He has written about the “greed” of artists such as Damien Hirst and Jeff Koons and their “megalomaniac collectors” and now after turning his pen to the activities of the late paedophile Jeffrey Epstein and his alleged mucky madam Ghislaine Maxwell, she’s decided to sue.


In spite of being incarcerated and facing a likely sentence of upto 88 years if convicted for trafficking and abusing minors, Maxwell – via the frankly ridiculous website set up ‘in her honour’ by her family – decided on Wednesday to issue a press release announcing she is taking legal action against Albin Michel, the publishers of Fredet’s latest book – L’île de tous es vices (Vice Island).


Claiming Fredet’s publishers have “violated her legal right to the presumption of innocence” via a French lawyer named Oliver Laude and issued in a two-page PDF document by “crisis communications expert” Yves-Paul Robert, founder of the Plead agency, Maxwell arrogantly announced:


“The publication of this book by Albin Michel constitutes an unacceptable attack on the presumption of innocence of Ms. Maxwell. Given the imminence of her criminal trial, to present her as already guilty – which this book does – is as repugnant as it is irresponsible.”


“Everyone has the right for the presumption of innocence to be respected. Where a person is, prior to any conviction, publicly presented as guilty of matters under judicial investigation, the judge may not only compensate the damage suffered, but also take all necessary measures, such as the insertion of a correction or the dissemination of a press release, in order to stop the violation of the presumption of innocence, and this at the expense of the person, or persons, responsible for that violation.”


“The violation in such an egregious fashion of the fundamental right to the presumption of innocence to which Ms. Maxwell is entitled calls for Albin Michel publishers to be made an example of, as much for their own flagrant breach of the law as to deter other media owners in France and indeed around the world from believing they can proceed thus with impunity against her or other persons in similar circumstances.”


Maxwell, a woman prone to banging on about the hardships of having not one but two computers in her cell, is demanding that “Albin Michel publishers be ordered to pay her damages for the prejudices suffered” and wants the “pulping of all extant copies of Vice Island” also.


What’ll this conniving crackpot be demanding next? Aside from Krug on tap in the pokey, this mendacious minx will probably be putting in a request via her PR peddler Brian Basham for a tame personal biographer to spin her as the modern-day Sister Wendy.


A hearing regarding Vice Island, according to the press release, is scheduled for the 19th May 2021 in France and thus The Steeple Times now urges all interested readers to purchase a copy as a sign of support for Mr Fredet and Albin Michel today.


To buy a copy of ‘L’île de tous les vices: Sexe, pouvoir et impunité, révélations sur l’affaire’ by Jean-Gabriel Fredet, click here.


Pictured top: An especially smug, smirking Ghislaine Maxwell boozing with Mick Jagger (left) and the cover of Jean-Gabriel’s ‘Vice Island’ (right).


Maxwell Booked – “The publishing of Albin Michel’s book ‘is as repugnant as it is irresponsible.’ As Ghislaine awaits trial she is presumed innocent and yet this book ‘constitutes an unacceptable attack on the presumption of innocence of Ms. Maxwell’” stated the team behind on Thursday on Twitter. PR peddler Brian Basham (pictured left), chairman of a firm named ACUITY Reputation, is generally spokesman for the mucky madam, but now she’s added others to the rota and in doing so illustrated the vast resources she’s throwing at the case.
Maxwell Booked – Jean-Gabriel Fredet’s book ‘Vice Island’ is described as follows: “How did a billionaire received by the entire American elite find himself, after years of madness, plunged into a dizzying descent into hell? Jeffrey Epstein is unquestionably rich. However, he left no trace in the world of finance. Its main activity? Satisfy his impulses in an organised gang! For more than twenty years, hundreds of young girls, many of them minors, made the trip to her island in the Antilles archipelago, aboard the ‘Lolita Express,’ one of his private planes. Who helped Jeffrey Epstein? Who participated in his sex trafficking? Who, among the rich and famous registered in his little black notebook, accompanied him to the island of all vices? Clinton, Trump, Kevin Spacey, Prince Andrew … and others? Prosecutors under influence, unscrupulous lawyers, nouveau riche and old fortunes … the Epstein affair sheds light on the flaws of a society indifferent to the crimes of those who live by their own rules and who know only one law: that of impunity.”
Maxwell Booked – Yves-Paul Robert is described on his firm Plead’s website as: “[A] chief executives on their oversight of communications, advocacy and intermediation strategies. He is also a recognised expert in crisis communications and has developed specific expertise in media relations. Prior to setting up Plead, Yves-Paul was head of crisis communications at Havas Paris. In 2017 he wrote a book entitled ‘Le Despote-Consommateur’ (‘The Consumer Despot’) published by Editions Plon, which analyses the way that consumer behaviour is influenced by brands and social media in an increasingly digital world.”


  1. Her delusional actions and those of those around her prove she’s likely as diseased of mind as her late lunatic father.


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