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Mucky Maxwell’s Bogus Bogtrot

Mucky Maxwell’s Bogus Bogtrot 2021 – Ghislaine Maxwell’s latest lies – Mendacious madam Ghislaine Maxwell’s moaning about her prison conditions exposed as bogtrot as she is revealed to be a mucky pup in the bathroom area.

Mendacious madam Ghislaine Maxwell’s moaning about her prison conditions exposed as bogtrot as she is revealed to be a mucky pup in the bathroom area

Given Ghislaine Maxwell plainly has a thing about banging on about bathroom areas, one has to wonder if she’s ever had shares in Victoria Plum or Wickes. Here, indeed, is a wicked woman who no doubt could be called upon for advice on taps, tiles and even asked about the benefits of bidets also.

Previously, the mendacious madam has claimed that it would have been impossible for Prince Andrew to have had sexual relations with the then 17-year-old Virginia Roberts in the bathtub of her Kinnerton Street, Belgravia mews house due to its “cramped” size and now after moaning about the lavatorial facilities in her prison cell, she’s been called out by authorities as a disgustingly mucky pup.

Aside from the tub in her London home being of a “standard” size and thus perfectly capable of housing both ‘Randy Andy’ and his unfortunate alleged victim, Maxwell’s whining about being “forced to clean the shower with a broomstick” in the private bathroom that adjoins her cell has now been exposed as utterly spurious.

This morning, the revealed that Maxwell – a woman facing a trial where the US government has already submitted 2.7 million pages of evidence against her – “has been told off for failing to flush her toilet and leaving her cell filthy by guards” at the Manhattan Detention Center [MDC] in Brooklyn, New York.

Signed by three assistant US attorneys, including Maurene Comey, the daughter of the former FBI director James Comey, a letter revealed:

“Among other things, MDC staff noted that the defendant frequently did not flush her toilet after using it, which caused the cell to smell.”

“In addition, the defendant had not cleaned her cell in some time, causing the cell to become increasingly dirty. MDC staff directed the defendant to clean her cell in response to the smell and the dirtiness, not as retaliation for complaining about a particular search.”

In addition, responding to previous complaints by Maxwell’s brother Ian and others that Jeffrey Epstein’s ex-lover’s hair was falling out, that she was losing weight, that she was being deprived of sleep and that she was being treated worse than Hannibal Lecter, the MDC stated:

“[We have] not observed the defendant experience any noticeable hair loss… Most recently, when the defendant was weighed last week, her weight was 137.5 pounds… [Maxwell wears an eye mask and] regularly sleeps through nighttime wellness checks.”

Maxwell’s weight, on this basis, “is considered ‘normal’ for a person who is 5’7” tall” and thus all the nonsensical claims about the supposed lack of welfare consideration towards this spoilt brat of the pension robbing ‘Bouncing Czech’ have yet again been debunked.

Previously, in February this year, one of Maxwell’s lawyers, Bobbi Sternheim, bleated:

“Ms. Maxwell continues to be at the mercy of a revolving group of security officers who are used to guarding hundreds of inmates but now focus their undivided attention exclusively on one respectful, middle-aged female pretrial detainee.”

As we suggested of the apparently anything but respectful of the young girls she supposedly trafficked ‘Moaning Maxwell’ in August 2020: “What’ll she be requiring next? Room service and caviar and Krug champagne on tap?”

Mucky Maxwell’s Bogus Bogtrot – This morning on Twitter, crusading author and sex slave survivor Kirby Sommers illustrated how privileged Ghislaine Maxwell truly is. Whilst most prisoners make do with a bucket and gruel, the mucky madam has access to “perks in jail” that include both a desktop and laptop computer from which she can send and receive emails, has a television and a telephone in her cell and has a private bathroom. She is the sole inmate on the second floor of the jail, has been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and is allowed more time to communicate with her legal representatives than other inmates. Talk about a hard life!
Mucky Maxwell’s Bogus Bogtrot – “Showgirl hooker-esque” 44 Kinnerton Street, Belgravia, London, SW1X 8ES features a perfectly adequately sized bathroom (including both a “standard sized” bathtub and shower) where it would have been perfectly possible for 6-foot tall ‘Randy Andy’ to have had sexual relations with the then 17-year-old Virginia Roberts.
Mucky Maxwell’s Bogus Bogtrot – The infamous and still not disproven as anything but real photograph of the “non-sweating,” Pizza Express loving Duke of York pictured with his “chubby” fingers around the waist of Virginia Roberts on the first floor of the Kinnerton Street mews house on 10th March 2001. A grinning Ghislaine Maxwell lurks behind them looking like the cat that got the cream.
Mucky Maxwell’s Bogus Bogtrot 2021 – Most prisoners struggle to get access to one computer occasionally, yet Ghislaine Maxwell has regular access to two. Here, on a date unknown in her youth, the mucky madam is pictured tapping away at an early desktop. One is left asking: “Why is a woman facing life in jail for sex traffic conspiracy, sex trafficking of minors and perjury able to comparatively ‘live it up’ whilst in detention whilst other prisoners committed for far lesser charges have little to no privileges?”

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