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What were they thinking?

The worst named restaurants in the world


When opening a restaurant, some restaurateurs opt to name their businesses after a street whilst others use their surname or a historic figure. Here, however, we list a selection of ten of the most bizarre and ridculous that we’ve come across:


B.A.D. Sushi, Los Angeles, California, United States of America

Prawns on the Lawn, London, United Kingdom, N1

– Hitlers’ Cross, Kharghar, India

– The Golden Shower: Restaurants in Sydney, Australia and Shanklin, Isle of Wight, United Kingdom

– Flavors of Negros, Philippines



Flavors of Negros
Hitlers’ Cross


– Cum-n-Eat, Fivemiletown, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

– Sophie’s Choice: Restaurants in Willowmore, South Africa; Cleveland, Ohio and Sidcup, Kent, United Kingdom

– El Rape, Cabo de Palos, Spain

Pizza Orgasmica, San Francisco, California, United States of America

– McWank’s, Watson Lake, Canada


What on earth were the founders of these businesses thinking?



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    • Scotchbrite scourers were once known as Sanitary Scrubbers in America. When I worked for 3M, who made all things branded Scotch, their German company wanted to call a Scotch floor cleaning machine The Doodlebug. To which my manager responded: 'I hope it's better than the last lot you sent over to London during the War'.

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