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The Best CBD Oil

Dany German analyses the best CBD oil available in the UK and offers tips about where to buy it

CBD oil has taken the UK market by storm over the last few years. CBD oil used to be hard to source within the UK, with very few people even knowing what it was. CBD oil was generally something that you could only find online, usually with very little information as to exactly what it contained.

All of this has changed, though, and you can now buy CBD oil from most high street pharmacies and health food stores as a dietary supplement. Stricter regulations also mean that CBD oils must come with clear labeling so that customers know exactly what they are using.

As CBD becomes ever more popular within the UK, the industry continues to grow. There has never been such a wide range of CBD oils and supplements available to UK consumers as there currently are. With so many brands and types of CBD oil to choose from, it can often feel confusing at first, leaving you feeling unsure as to whether you are choosing the right CBD for your individual needs.

Luckily, once you understand the basics, shopping for CBD oil starts to feel a lot easier. Greenshoppers have in-depth articles designed to help you learn everything you need to know about CBD and what to look out for when shopping for CBD oil.

What Is CBD Oil, and How Could It Benefit You?

Most CBD oils that you find within the UK tend to be made using CBD that has been extracted from hemp plants, as opposed to cannabis plants. The main reason that companies choose to use hemp plants is that they do not contain the cannabinoid THC, allowing them to guarantee that their products conform to the legal restriction that CBD products cannot contain more than 0.2% THC.

Once CBD has been extracted, it is then filtered and processed to create the CBD oils that you find in stores. The methods used to filter CBD will determine whether it is categorized as full-spectrum CBD, meaning all cannabinoids and terpenes remain, or as CBD isolate where all compounds other than CBD have been removed.

CBD oil in the UK is sold as a dietary supplement and designed to be used in much the same way as another supplement is used. Taking a regular dose of CBD is thought to have a wide range of potential health benefits.

Taking CBD as a supplement has the potential to improve both your mental and physical health, and can also be used to treat specific health conditions when taken in larger doses.

Let’s find out where you can find the best CBD oil in the UK.

The Best Places to Purchase CBD Oil in the UK

#1. Smart CBD

Smart CBD is committed to delivering high-quality CBD products in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. Smart CBD only works with eco-friendly hemp farms in Europe, who are equally as committed to protecting the environment as they are.

In order to keep their CBD oils as natural and healthy as possible, Smart CBD only uses two ingredients: Hemp components, and hemp seed oil.

Not only does their unique formula allow your body to take full advantage of CBD, but it also means they can ensure that their manufacturing methods are kept to a minimal and eco-friendly level.

Every element of Smart CBD has been carefully designed with sustainability in mind, from its smart, biodegradable packaging to its high-quality organic ingredients. Smart CBD is an excellent pick for anyone who wants to do a little extra to help protect the environment.

#2. Provacan

Provacan has become one of the most popular online CBD brands within the UK, offering its customers affordable prices without compromising quality. Provacan goes the extra mile to ensure that its customers are as informed as possible, including useful information both on the website and packaged with each product.

All of Provacan’s CBD oils are made using full-spectrum CBD, which has been sourced from certified organic European farms. By using full-spectrum CBD Provacan allow their customers to experience not only the health benefits of CBD but also all of the other cannabinoids and terpenes within hemp plants.

Provacan has a wide range of different strength CBD oils to choose from, giving you complete control over what you put into your body. Options range from 300mg all the way up to 2400mg of CBD.

#3. Jacob Hooy

Jacob Hooy is a Dutch company that has been around since the 1700 hundreds, starting out as a spice retailer and expanding over time into wellness and health products. Jacob Hooy CBD oils can be found at your local Holland & Barrett store, having become their flagship CBD brand.

When shopping with Jacob Hooy, you are guaranteed high-quality CBD oil that has been made using a formula that is not only decades old, but has also been tested and refined to the point of perfection. All of the hemp used to create Jacob Hooy oils is sourced from organic EU farms and chosen for its exceptional quality and potency.

Dany German is a marketing consultant.

Facebook: @TheSteepleTimes

Instagram: @TheSteepleTimes

Twitter: @SteepleTimes


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