A Pintless Policy

Matthew Steeples slams ‘Bosie The Clown’s’ pub destroying lockdown; 7 out of 10 pubs are likely to close as a result and the nation will be left pintless

This morning, the Guardian shockingly reported that seven out of ten British pubs could close as a result of ‘Carrie On Not So Regardless’ and her puppet ‘Bosie The Berk’s’ plainly pointless “damaging Covid-19 restrictions.”


Shamefully, in spite of research finding that 82% of pubgoers believing “that pubs and other hospitality venues offered a Covid-secure environment,” the likelihood of them reopening after the 2nd December seems low with each and every leak from our inept government.


This morning, with Tory minister Ben Wallace deservedly sparking the fury of Sky News’ Kay Burley after his failure to even justify ‘Lockdown 2.0’ as a success, the government needs to do just one thing: Put an end to the pointless policies that are going to leave our nation pintless.


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A Pintless Policy – The Hour Glass in Brompton Road on the South Kensington Estate closed “temporarily” in Lockdown 1.0. It did not open again and locals have been left asking: “Will it ever?”
A Pintless Policy – Recent research by the Hospitality Union found that only 2% of Covid-19 cases were connected to food outlets and restaurants. Just 18% came from other sources, yet schools and universities – which Boris Johnson has kept open – account for a staggering 22% of the total.



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