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Food, drink and fine dining The comings and goings of the culinary classes

Moving on: April 2015

A round up of the moves of the newsworthy


Stripping the Sole

Joining the many shops and restaurants driven out by rising rents and greedy landlords, the R. Soles shoe shop on the Kings Road closed this week. The Russian owned Evening Standard snidely concluded: “With a name like that, it’s a wonder it stayed in business so long”.


Red Qataris

“Chain bistro” Café Rouge in Basil Street, SW3 was never considered a culinary hotspot but with its passing another nail has been administered into Knightsbridge’s coffin. The Victorian building will be demolished and replaced by a luxury hotel. Naturally, the new owners are Qatari.


Moving on April 2015
Café Rouge will be demolished to make way for something more suitable for the Arabs and Russians who now control Knightsbridge
Moving on April 2015
The driver of a Range Rover badged TAMARA and carrying the number plate PST 1 (presumably in honour of Tamara Ecclestone’s sister Petra Stunt) was spotted dozing on the job close to The Ivy Chelsea Garden on Wednesday


F-ing over

Foxtrot Oscar was a Chelsea institution for many decades under the ownership of Rex Leyland and Michael Proudlock. Bought and redecorated in “stripy material that looks like Plasticine but isn’t half as much fun” by Gordon Ramsay in 2008, it didn’t fare well. The F-Word presenter is now turning it into another branch of his Maze Grill chain.


Gardening with the Ecclestone-Stunt-Rutlands

The opening of The Ivy Chelsea Garden has brought with it a new “hideout” for the ridiculous convoy of cars owned by James Stunt and his wife Petra and those of her sister Tamara Ecclestone and her husband Jay Rutland. A reader spotted them in the vicinity on Wednesday and remarked: “That’s the end of that place then. It’s over before it’s even kicked off. Next!” Touché.



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6 comments on “Moving on: April 2015”

  1. Evgeny Lebedev should be ashamed of himself. He should fire The Standard diarist for writing something about what was a cool shop.

  2. Lebedev and his family are Soviet interlopers anyway so what can they possibly understand about fast evaporating old London. Is the Lebedev boy quite right in the head? He obviously thinks playing the eccentric has appeal: it doesn’t;it makes him seem a pretentious prick.
    Cafe Rouge was awful and just attracted the Gulfies and their hideous and noisy cars so replacing it won’t be a loss.
    The wondeful thing about Paris is the efforts made to retain the uniqueness of character. We English have always been obsessed by other people’s money-hence the degardation of our fine city

  3. Ralph Waldo Emerson comforts us with his apposite quip

    ‘ It is the schoolmaster that I pay, but ’tis the schoolboys hat teach my boy ‘

    Tamara, Stunt and such will have children, who will benefit from the system, and may become fun

    Nick Caraway’s father told him ‘ When you think of disapproving of someone; remember that not everyone has had your advantages ‘

    I was lucky in that Michael Proudlock taught me which knife and fork to use!

  4. So sick of the Qataris buying England up, it should not be allowed! Knightsbridge was once beautiful, now I may as well go to Saudi Arabia on a shopping trip…. Why are we allowing are beautiful country to be ruined… David Cameron pull your bloody finger out, UKIP come in!

    1. Anna
      Very well put. The Qataris are an infestation and have allowed the further degeneration of the area.
      I have to say every time I hear Farage I hear sound commonsense: a rarity today….

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