Mott 32 to open in Las Vegas

Iconic Hong Kong Restaurant Mott 32 set to open in Las Vegas reports new contributor Fabio Contissa


An iconic Hong Kong restaurant chain is set to unveil its first eatery in the United States this winter, with Las Vegas selected as the home of Mott 32’s U.S. outpost. The Venetian Resort on the Las Vegas Boulevard Strip was chosen as the location within its Palazzo venue. For some time, Mott 32 was regarded as the bastion for new-age Chinese cuisine, fusing a mouth-watering combination of flavours from Cantonese, Szechuan and Beijing cultures, all of which will come to the Vegas location.


An official opening date has yet to be revealed. Nevertheless, the resort will be excited to have such an innovative brand delivering another fresh and authentic dining experience for guests of the Palazzo and Venetian. The restaurant will be a sizeable addition to the Palazzo, with 11,715 square feet of dining space, including five private dining rooms for exclusive bookings and the ability to accommodate 242 patrons at once.


For those unfamiliar with the works of Mott 32, its menu combines a host of recipes and flavors passed through the generations before combining them with progressive cooking techniques in a new-age setting. Patrick Lang, vice president of restaurant and nightlife development for Las Vegas Sands, said that the restaurant will “bring a little of Hong Kong to Las Vegas and should cement a popular reputation for innovative, authentic Chinese cuisine, delicious hand-crafted cocktails and first-class service.”


The original name of Mott 32 came from New York City’s first ever Chinese convenience store, which opened its doors in 1891 and became the epicenter of NYC’s world-renowned Chinatown community. It is, therefore, a celebration of culture in Hong Kong and New York City, and the interior décor of all Mott 32 restaurants are designed to depict a modern Chinese city. World-renowned designer, Joyce Wang, who received critical acclaim for her interior designs of Mott 32 restaurants in Hong Kong and Canada, will oversee the design of the Palazzo’s Mott 32 eatery. The Hong Kong restaurant was a particular standout, scooping the “World Interior of the Year” award.


Although Mott 32 will mostly blend traditional Chinese culture with typical New York City industrialism, Vegas’ latest culinary addition will also have a nod to its heritage. The interiors will be lit delicately with neon signs, which will not only be reminiscent of the Vegas Strip but the classic city center street markets in China’s biggest cities, which are as iconic as Britain’s boozers. Vegas will become Mott 32’s fourth home around the world as it seeks to establish its brand as the world’s number one luxury Chinese restaurant.


Mott 32 to open in Las Vegas – Hong Kong restaurant opens U.S. outpost – Iconic Hong Kong Restaurant Mott 32 set to open in Las Vegas this winter at The Venetian Resort on the Las Vegas Boulevard Strip. Photo by 1588877, Public Domain
An example of Hong Kong’s evening street markets


As those who have already visited Sin City will know, it is all too easy to blow your cash along Las Vegas Boulevard Strip. Aside from the city’s casinos, its Michelin-starred dining, world-class retail outlets and entertainment facilities mean that any visitor will require deep pockets to make the most of the “city that never sleeps.” Of course, if exquisite dining isn’t your thing, you’ll probably prefer the idea of the plethora of all-you-can-eat buffets situated within many of the casino resorts along the Strip. Buffet dining is part of the budget-friendly Vegas experience and offers excellent value if you are prepared to go for lunch at the end of breakfast hours or dinner at the end of lunchtime hours for a cheaper meal.


The main appeal of all-you-can-eat buffets is that it gives guests a chance to sample lots of different flavors in one sitting — for the most value. The most extravagant all-you-can-eat buffet on the Strip is the Bacchanal Buffet in Caesars Palace. With 25,000 square feet of dining space, nine cooking stations, including fresh seafood, wagyu beef as well as Italian and Spanish fare, it’s hard to beat for variety. For those who don’t want to spend too much time eating and more time playing, the Excalibur and Luxor Casino Resorts offer a handy all-day buffet pass package for only $40. And if it’s quantity over quality that you’re seeking, the Excalibur and Luxor Buffet is just the ticket.


Fabio Contissa is a freelance writer with an extensive knowledge of restaurants and fine dining .


Pictured top: The Venetian Palazzo: The new home of Mott 32.


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