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More Matters Marmalade – Part III

‘Guardian’ readers continue their debate about marmalade (and reference how they’re interacting with it during coronavirus)

In Tuesday’s letter pages in the Guardian, one Catriona Todd penned a missive about the marmalade she’s been creating whilst self-isolating. Rather than continuing the comparison between the preserve and longevity, this lady referenced how she believes it might even help her “beat” coronavirus in more ways than one.


She remarked:


I have just made a batch of grapefruit marmalade, well set at a high temperature. Should be enough to beat Covid-19. Something to do in isolation.
Catriona Todd

Aston Clinton, Buckinghamshire


Given these readers have an obsession with marmalade, there’ll no doubt be vats of the stuff being prepared across the land in the coming weeks. We say: All hail to that.


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