Monroe v Anderson 2022 – Mouthy Menace v Mouthy Menace

As mouthy menace Jack Monroe threatens to sue mouthy menace Lee Anderson MP, Matthew Steeples suggests the only winner will be the laughing-all-the-way-to-the-bank lawyers; why don’t these tiresome attention seekers forget Monroe v Anderson and have a 30p cook-off hosted by Jamie Oliver instead?

As mouthy menace Jack Monroe threatens to sue mouthy menace Lee Anderson MP, Matthew Steeples suggests the only winner will be the laughing-all-the-way-to-the-bank lawyers; why don’t these tiresome attention seekers forget Monroe v Anderson and have a 30p cook-off hosted by Jamie Oliver instead?

Frankly nothing but naff Jack Monroe recently described equally nothing but naff Lee Anderson MP as a “white, rich, privileged male.” Anderson responded by stating: “She’s taking money off of some of the most vulnerable in society and making an absolute fortune off of the back of people. You know, it’s her that’s rich. I’m not rich… No, I was dragged up in Huthwaite. As you know, I’ve worked down the pit all my life, didn’t have two ha’pennies to rub together.”


Now, with self-declared “I am just a humble food blogger answerable only to my 12-year-old son” Monroe – whose latest moaning missive included her wailing that “I don’t fit in amongst my foodie peers, am too coarse and unusual for television, undervalued financially because of my gender and background” – claiming that the Conservative MP for Ashfield in Nottinghamshire’s comments about her were a “very clear cut case of outright libel,” this all-over-the-shop nuisance simply yet again proves herself a total attention seeker.


Having commenced her attack dog mode with first Jamie Oliver in August 2013 for his perfectly reasonable attempts to educate the British public about how to “knock out” amazing Italian style food “on not much money,” meddling Monroe now is at a war with Anderson over his frankly “foolish and objectionable [and] philosophically unconservative” suggestions about food banks.


Though Monroe is right to have a pop at that this Tory twerp after he ludicrously suggested that he believes people “can make a meal for about 30p a day… cooking from scratch,” her decision to take him to court is simply ridiculous. Aside from simply being just seen as another attempt for her to up her public profile, the only winners in this court case will be laughing-all-the-way-to-the-bank lawyers who most definitely will never, ever need to go anywhere near a foodbank.


Instead, why don’t these two get a kitchen together and partake in a 30p cook-off hosted by Jamie Oliver? That’d be far better television and the insults of the pugnacious pair of mouthy menaces would definitely be car-crash-like viewing. Stir it up!


Pictured top – Finger-wagging Tory twerp Lee Anderson MP (left) and potty-mouthed ‘activist’ Jack Monroe (right); they would do better to forget the costly court action of Monroe v Anderson and work together and instead help those actually in need.


“Cooks cook” Jamie Oliver has done more to help those struggling to feed their families than most. That he has been repeatedly attacked by a self-declared acid tongued “freelance food-and-politics-gob” who once crassly had a pop at David Cameron after the death of his son – she shockingly claimed “he uses stories about his dead son as misty-eyed rhetoric to legitimise selling our NHS to his friends” – is indicative of the lowbrow tendencies of the person making such attacks.
If the Southend-on-Sea born daughter of David Hadjicostas MBE and Evelyn Hadjicostas wanted people to like her a bit more, why doesn’t she adopt the humour of the late, great council house estate born Keith Floyd. Here was a legend – from the very same humble beginnings she claims to be from – who enjoyed life to the full and who cooked simple yet delicious food that brought joy to millions. Some positivity and joie de vivre might actually get her somewhere.
Equally, the late, great Julia Child could also inspire better things of Monroe. This Pasadena, California born ex-Office of Strategic Services worker once stated: “I believe in cooking with wine, sometimes I even put it in the food.” Reading the works of a true cooking legend like this might provide the Moaning Minnie former call handler for Essex County Fire and Rescue Services with something to actually enthuse about.
If the author of ‘A Girl Called Jack’ would only pay attention to the words of the wonderful young man that is Big Zuu, she might be more widely appreciated. In 2020, this rapper turned inspirational cooking sensation remarked: “’Big Zuu’s Big Eats’ is the show for people who don’t live near a Waitrose or who can’t afford to go to one. I’m a massive fan of all cooking programmes, but I think this show stands out as we’re sourcing the food from local shops rather than big chains. I’m hoping it proves to people, especially in my generation, that cooking can be a fun and affordable experience. A lot of people I know can’t be bothered to cook and think it costs too much so they’d rather just get fast food. Hopefully, ‘BZBE’s’ can change that for some people.”

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  • Hello Matthew, I have an idea. Why don't the Steeple Times host the cook off, interview the two protagonists and film it on You Tube, all the while promoting Steeple Times. Create a whole load of tiktoks and post on Twitter as running commentary. You could also add a voting button on Twittersphere so followers could vote for the best dish etc.

    • I am blocked on Twitter by Jack Monroe from back in 2013 when Jamie Oliver thanked me for supporting him when she went apesh*t so the prospect of getting her in a room with the MP does seem very unlikely - especially if she does actually sue him. Would be fun though.

  • As previously discussed, there is a lot about Jack Monroe's poverty story that doesn't add up. However, my main question is where would she get the money to sue if she is as impoverished as she claims? Even if her lawyer works pro bono for her, there is still the potential that it could cost her a lot of money.

    I don't know if you've also been following Laurence Fox's current legal drama. He's currently being sued for calling three people 'paedophiles' on Twitter, in retaliation for them branding him a racist. This week, he tried to argue that the case should be heard before a jury. The judge denied this request, so he now has to pay £36,000 for his opponents' legal fees plus his own legal bill + court costs are currently over £100,000.

    Ouch! And bear in mind we haven't even got to the main trial yet.

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