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Instagrammable Restaurants Around the World

New contributor James Greenstone on Instagrammable restaurants around the world

Travel and food have become synonymous nowadays with enthusiasts wanting to experience gastronomic delights where ever they go. However, it’s not just about eating good food. With social media becoming an integral part of our lives; it is all about sharing food also, at least virtually. There’s no surprise then that cafes and restaurants are rebranding themselves in such a manner that they are known not just for their food, but also the ambience, décor, and overall aura of the place in the hopes that they can go viral. The best Canadian eateries and coffee shops, in particular, have gone out of their way to offer the best all-round dining experience imaginable.


Travelling the world in search of amazing eats is a remarkable feeling. There are times, though, no matter who or where you are, that these adventures in the culinary world become solo projects, and no matter how serene the setting is, being alone can be awkward.


A great way to overcome this feeling is to appear busy while being productive. You can go live on your social media and talk about the place, catch up on emails, or even try your hand at winning back the money you will spend on food by playing slots on online casinos such as Dunder Casino Canada. If you get lucky and hit the jackpot, thanks to all of their welcome bonuses and promotions, do what I would do and charter a private jet to explore the following fantastic Instagrammable eateries around the world:


Plum by Bent Chair – New Delhi, India

India’s capital is known the world over for its street-food, but this retail-restaurant is a new addition to the city’s culinary portfolio. Vibrant and out of this world, Plum features the most colourful and exclusive art in the form of painting and sculptures you can imagine. However, the unique selling point about Plum is that everything you can lay your eyes on, is for sale, and that includes the cutlery, the plates, and chairs, and even the odd-looking bear peeking in from their front window.  


Patissez – Canberra, Australia

While Patissez might fall short compared to some of the other cafes around the world when it comes to being Instagrammable, it is their “freakshakes” that have been a ruling trend now for a few years. The idea of loading up a mason jar with yummy delights originated here and has spread around the world, including in places like the UK, India, and USA. Overloaded, packed with unusual ingredients, and heavenly tasting, this is what comfort food is all about, and totally worth a trip to the other part of the world.   


Paper and Cup – Shoreditch, London, United Kingdom

Quaint and subtle, there’s an old-world charm to Paper and Cup that is infectious and hard to replicate. The interiors are simple, but the blue and white background makes for that perfect Instagrammable shot. There are quite a few Insta-worthy cafes in London, but only some can claim to be non-profit, serving healthy as well as Fairtrade products and responsibly sourced food. Best of all, they even have a second-hand bookshop in the café that adds to its appeal.


NoMo Kitchen – Soho, New York, United States of America

Imagine a scene where natural sunlight pours in from the roof into a room where the walls are adorned with colourful graffiti, and there’s a whiff of nostalgia brought about by the hanging chandeliers which bring everything together in a somewhat eccentric manner. Well, you need not think about it as NoMo Kitchen is precisely that. A lovely place to have a business lunch, meet friends or read a book over an afternoon coffee, this New York eatery impresses with its looks as well as the food that it serves.


James Greenstone is a social media and restaurant enthusiast.


Facebook: @TheSteepleTimes

Instagram: @TheSteepleTimes

Twitter: @SteepleTimes



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  1. I agree with Ethel. The youth should stop snapping and playing on their devices and they should learn the art of conversation when dining.

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