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Heroes of the Hour – The Dreadnought

Edinburgh pub that has banned men with bare ankles and suggests alcohol free gin to be nothing but overpriced cordial is to be saluted

Men who wear loafers without socks (termed “mankles,” we’ll have you know), especially when they’ve got tattooed ankles and in urban areas, are frankly as ludicrous as women who sport Hunter wellies to parade the Kings Road on a summer’s afternoon. There’s a time and a place for fashion but there’s a more important reason items of clothing are created and that reason is practicality and to fit in at a particular occasion.


With news that an Edinburgh pub, The Dreadnought in Leith, is being accused of snobbery for insisting on a gentleman’s dress code and banned turned-up jeans, bare ankles and shoe combinations and ‘jobby catchers’ (or grey tracksuits to those, like us, who’ve never heard of such attire), we join the few leaping to their defence.


The unnamed landlord or landlady of this award winning establishment, who is also considering a ban on the item of sartorial horror that is the flip-flop, is to be saluted for taking a stance against slobbishness. It is, after all, his premises and frankly others should follow his or her lead.


In a statement on Facebook, The Dreadnought announced:


“We were accused of snobbishness last time but, frankly, they just make the place look scruffy.”


“We do our best to keep the place looking reasonably smart and, if the first you see when you walk in is a group of lads wearing matching grey marl jobby catchers, we may as well have installed a beaten up bus shelter in the corner and invited folk to take a slash against it.”


“Just to prove our sartorial prejudices cross all boundaries, we’re also taking a stand against this horrendous current trend of half mast jeans, bare ankles and shoes.”


“If you’re going to base your fashion choices on what the staff at Urban Outfitters were wearing, there’s a place created especially for you. It’s called Brewdog.”


Spot on – as is their view on alcohol free gin. Their thoughts on that? “Can someone tell me what the f*ck is going on?”


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One has to ask a man (who plainly is not a gentleman) who sports loafers with turned up trousers: “Can you not afford a pair of socks?”
Getting it wrong going sockless – Lewis Hamilton, Scott Disick and Eddie Redmayne.

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  • If you can't afford socks, how can you afford your Castlemaine???????? Dreadnought is right ----- great policy, great policy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • When did this stupid trend start, it looks bloody moronic. If we had walked around like that when we were younger, people would have thought we were poor. Also, while we are on the subject, when did the other trend start, buying jeans full of holes? If somebody had said to you 20 years ago, one day you will pay top dollar for jeans full of holes, you would have been certified. All these stupid fashions are started by people that want to try and impress, and probably vegan.

  • Congratulations to this establishment.
    Tracksuits have no place in our public houses. The clue is in the name tracksuits are for use of exercise.

    As for the no socks... socks are to be matched with the top while in casual attire. While in a suit be it two piece or three the socks are to be matched with the tie, pocket hanky or the suit itself.

    Next it will be lining white suits, loafers with no socks and shocking hairstyles.

    The best place for these people is in the sea.

  • Loafers without socks is old fashioned posh American. I'm amused it crossed the pond and changed its crowd.

  • I believe in individuality, people must be wearing whatever they want and what they feel comfortable wearing.
    Do we all have to be the same?
    It’s about personal style.
    I judge a person on their personality not what they wear.
    They can wear a Bloody Circus Tent for all I care, as long as they are decent human beings

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