Moron of the Moment – Gordon Ramsay

Moron of the Moment – Gordon Ramsay flogs burgers for £80 a pop – That Gordon Ramsay thinks it acceptable to start selling burgers at £80 a pop at a time of economic meltdown confirms him as a cretin.

That Gordon Ramsay thinks it acceptable to start selling burgers at £80 a pop at a time of economic meltdown confirms him as a cretin

When he was not offensively mouthing off on our telly boxes during the last lockup, Gordon Ramsay spent the summer in Cornwall pissing off permanent residents during the coronavirus lockdown. Now, at a time of complete economic meltdown, this petulant prat and prized pillock has gone one stage further and has announced he’s going to sell burgers for the staggeringly stupid sum of £80 each.


Deservedly flung out of Claridge’s in February 2013 and responsible for wrecking the late, great Foxtrot Oscar by ripping out its heart and soul in 2007, rotten ratbag Ramsay now ludicrously plans to sell his utterly overpriced bits of beef in a bap in Harrods from the 4th December.


Announcing the plans for ‘Gordon Ramsay Burger’ on Instagram, the completely out-of-touch with reality chef and all-round cretin stated: “I’m really excited to announce, I’m bringing the Gordon Ramsay Burger to Harrods in Knightsbridge for the first time ever.”


The alleged philanderer continued: “Trust me, this is going to be a burger experience like no other as we’ve really elevated our patties using the most incredible mix of the UK’s best cuts of meat.”


Chips are not even included in Ramsay’s con: They will set you back an extra £8 per portion whilst onion rings can be had for the ‘bargain’ sum of £7 a pop. Do note, they are at least “beer battered.”


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Previously in April, Gordon Ramsay banged on about cooking burgers for frontline NHS workers. How on earth does he think they’d afford his ridiculous £80 a bap offering?


  1. What has the down turn got to do with A Gordon Ramsey Burger. In the same way Macdonald’s sells for £2 Harrods believes they can attract £80. If the public don’t like it they will not buy. That is economics not some wretched Guardianista attitude of jealousy to anyone who is successful.

    • Barnual – You entirely miss the point. It’s not about jealousy. It’s about greed and avarice at a time when ordinary people are going out of business in restaurants. Ramsay thinks he can pull a publicity stunt with this overpriced item that probably costs him less than £5 to make. He thus deserves the criticism. He is a CUNT.

  2. Do not send Gordon Ramsay Down Under ever again!!!!!!!!! We don’t want the filthy festering turd pestering any more of our Sheilas!!!!!!!!!!! Disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lock him up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I have never been able to afford to go to a Gordon Ramsay restaurant. I used to watch his television programmes but he does need a bar of soap visitation. His food is lovely looking and I like his cookery books but as a pensioner of limited means I cannot afford to go to Royal Hospital Road on the bus let alone afford even a hunk of bread there. I could not believe your article – I would say £8 for a burger was expensive but £80 is disgraceful. Gordon should stop this con before it damages his reputation.

  4. Any fool can try and sell overpriced items but it takes a special kind of fool to buy them. If he wrapped his burger in gold leaf and charged even more it could become a McMafia must have.

    • That’s very true, Nok. The fools are the idiots that buy into this man and his centrally cooked rubbish.

      I know you well and I know we’d both prefer a fine steak and a Negoni before. And some change.

  5. Gordon Ramsay does not cook in his own restaurants very often. He should not have his name on anything. His sauces are made in central kitchens. His business is not a genuine food business, it’s just him sticking his name on a load of old shite. It would be a pleasure if coronavirus wiped his business out as he’s conned people for too long.

  6. He’s just a foul, loud mouth bully boy, I can’t believe nobody hasn’t stuck a knife in him to date. He obviously has a very restrictive vocabulary when every second word that comes out of his potty mouth, is an expletive. He always acts very brave when somebody does stand up to him on his show. That’s obviously because he has half a dozen minders on set behind the camera’s. If anybody wants to pay 80 quid for one of his burgers more fool them, and they can have my share. It’s all just bull shit and a publicity stunt, a decent burger doesn’t cost a 10th of that price.


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