Wally of the Week 2022 – Bombastic Bully & Bore Jack Monroe

In patronising the poor, bombastic bully and bore Jack Monroe yet again shows her truly nasty colours; here is a pontificating pillock who helps utterly nobody (apart from her not-so-sorry self).

In patronising the poor, bombastic bully and bore Jack Monroe yet again shows her truly nasty colours; here is a pontificating pillock who helps utterly nobody (apart from her not-so-sorry self)

Mouthy moron and all-round maniac Jack Monroe has sponsorship deals left, right and bloody centre. This person of confused identity makes a packet from such, yet takes it upon ‘itself’ to claim to be the voice of those living on the breadline.


Trending on Twitter this morning after quite rightly being called out for disgustingly suggesting those on a budget “tip [canned] spaghetti hoops into a sieve and gently rinse them to get rid of the tomato sauce” and then microwave and “enjoy immediately” with “a pinch of pepper,” here is a patronising cretin who previously got herself into a spat with an equal twerp, Tory MP Lee Anderson – a moron who believes a family of four can be fed on a daily budget of 30p.


This time unsurprisingly labelled someone who has “done nothing to help me” by a single mother who has “lived in poverty” and slammed as a “grifter” and “public scrounger,” Monroe, it seems, has deservedly finally been exposed for what she actually genuinely is – an utter hypocrite and a bombastic bloody bully and bore.




Pictured top – Jack Monroe: A person of very confusing identity – who has variously been “non-binary” and going by “they/them” and “she/her pronouns,” “gay,” “genderqueer,” “lezzer” and “cisgender lesbian” according to Wikipedia – likes to fight utterly anyone. In 2018, she got into a spat with Bath Conservatives after they quite rightly called out parents who “don’t know how to feed their children” as “indolent.”


The controversial tweet in question contained a recipe that involved rinsing canned spaghetti hoops of their accompanying tomato sauce, microwaving, microwaving a bit more and adding butter, oil, cheese and a pinch of pepper. It was hardly revolutionary, helpful or intelligently thought out and though the mouth of the south thought it amusing to call a ‘Tin Can Cook,’ all it did was make her look like a buffoon and a berk.
Called out quite rightly as a “grifter” amongst other things, many Twitter users observed that this attention seeker “has done nothing” to help others and relished in the fact that her “grift is beginning to fall apart so spectacularly.”
The busybody-bore was called out for her “public scrounging” via her “grifting beg of a blog” on social media after she truly made a prized prat of her anything-but-sorry-self. Here is a person who truly gets the goat of so many and unsurprisingly so.
“You are NOT on the poverty line” raged one Twitter user who added: “Too lazy to get a 9 to 5. Rattling your tip jar to accept other peoples’ generosity which could be going to people who actually need it.” Another pointedly added: “Got a spare £500? Give it to Jack Monroe; she is destitute despite her book deal, TV work and newspaper columns. Her work raising the plight of non-binary folk living off 3p beans is immeasurable. I’ve a lot of time for her and she is a role model to all who grift for a living.”
The patronising pest Monroe told her Twitter followers via her @BoostrapCook account that: “It’s a play on a classic – cacio e pepe – literally pasta, pepper and cheese. If you have the means to cook dried pasta from scratch (hob, pan, fuel, colander, physical ability) then good for you, but not everybody does. Snobbish miserable gatekeeping does nothing to help anyone.” She then unhelpfully added: “If you’d prefer my recipe for Torta di Gorgonzola semifreddo with desiccated black olive crumb, I can dig it out. I – can – do the fancy ridiculous stuff too; I just choose not to make that the main focus of my work in favour of the less glamorous ‘making sure people can eat.’” Shame on this ridiculous ranting ratbag.
The bombastic bore then turned her attention to examining Liz Truss’s name and banged on about Margaret Thatcher and Theresa May also. Jack Monroe as a conspiracy theorist is one thing, but Miss Marple she most certainly ain’t.

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  • Great article! At the very heart of the Twitter storm though, is the outrage that Jack has a dormant Patreon account, with nearly 800
    Subscribers. That’s right - she takes in thousands of pounds a
    month from it, yet hasn’t posted a single word, or sent out one solitary postcard for TWO YEARS.

  • Is this utter drivel supposed to be satire? The delicious irony of a Conservative with an economics degree calling a working class, disabled, autistic lesbian a ‘grifter’ in an article with multiple links to his Patron… it’s apex comedy.

    • Like the hordes on Twitter, you are playing the man rather than the ball. Once people make up their minds about something, they stop bothering to do things like thinking critically or examining evidence.

      You'd rather discredit the accuser than address their claims, classic ad hominem attack.

      I was a fan of Monroe's, but no more I'm afraid. The tales don't make sense and the numbers don't add up. This is a person who has created a narrative about themself, and is so surrounded by fawning acolytes and enablers who affirm that narrative that perhaps they've come to believe it also.

      But it's undeniable that the histrionic blog posts are transparent grifts for money, and it's heartbreaking seeing the number of people who clearly have little themselves making a contribution to Monroe's personal coffers. Monroe responds to criticism with self-pity and aggression, then retreats to let the cult-members create a dogpile.

      Really good people do stuff quietly and without seeking affirmation. Like George Michael, whose acts of charity only came out after his death.

      There is what I would call a 'Savile effect' with Monroe, although of course the personal offences are not in any way in the same league.

      What I'm talking about is the scenario where you have a self-publicist, who talks constantly and noisily about their own good deeds and creates a personal unassailability and following. High profile and powerful supporters aid this credibility, which means that scrutiny and criticism are considered churlish, or even heretical. They gain the status of a 'national treasure', red flags are ignored, they have a kind of impunity.

      Look into it with a critical eye, don't just 'shoot the messenger'.

  • Apart from the abuse leveled here I really don't get your point or any explanation of why anyone should agree with this vulgar opinion piece. For people to say "I am poor and she did nothing to help me" is just crazy ramblings. This is not journalism.

    • Claiming to be on the side of poor and living the same life as them whilst having garned sponsorship deals from profiteering supermarkets that make a fortune by selling junk to the aforementioned at excessive prices is hardly to be commended. Next.

  • Monroe is a relentless grifter and shamelessly playing on all her (alleged) oppression points. She's awful, and I especially think this having been genuinely, crushingly impoverished for years. I actually had to go steal sanitary products, toilet paper, went through skips for food and clothing bins. That's rough when your peers are wearing nice clothes and eating decent dinners, never worrying about leaving lights on.
    I left home without a coat and only got one when someone gave me an old spare.
    Anyway, I've just got caught up on this. Along with the cat she mysteriously took on while a tiny kitten, far too small to be away from its mother, and kept in a terrible state, against the advice of multiple vets, she's just full of endless rubbish. Looks like she was suggesting she had cancer (photo of her lying with curtains pulled on a sunny day, wearing a head covering and asking if she's followed by any oncologists) and pretending anti-immigrant sentiment is among the reasons she's disliked. One grandparent was Greek. Jeeze.
    She's bluffed, blagged and begged and all that shows to me is someone who came from a fair bit of wealth and support and feels entitled to be forever buffeted by it.
    Actual working class people tend to realise that won't work, by the time they're at upper school.
    I feel for her kid

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