Analysing CBD

New contributor Dany German examines the market for CBD capsules and pills in the UK and selects the three best options available

CBD has become one of the most popular dietary supplements in the UK. Increasingly, people are looking to move away from traditional supplements that are packed with artificial ingredients, instead looking to natural alternatives.


For many people, the answer to living a healthier, natural lifestyle has been to swap out their old supplements for CBD oils. What many people do not realize, though, is that there are other CBD options available that pack all of the same health benefits as CBD, only in a more convenient form.


CBD capsules and pills are just one of the ways that you can take CBD daily without having to worry about measuring out precise amounts of oil or dealing with leaking bottles of oil in your bag. CBD capsules and pills are made using many of the same health-enhancing ingredients as CBD oils, making it easier than ever before to ensure you always get your daily dose of CBD.


Knowing where to buy CBD capsules in the UK can feel like a daunting task at first. Just like shopping for CBD oils, it is essential to understand the main ingredients, what makes a good quality product, and of course, the best brands on the market.


The good news is we have put together a short guide to help you shop for CBD capsules and pills so that you can start living a healthy life with confidence today.


What are CBD capsules and pills?

Just like CBD oils, CBD capsules are made using CBD that has been extracted from hemp plants. Cannabis plants can also be a source of CBD; however, many UK brands opt for hemp plants as they guarantee the final product that is 100% THC-free.


CBD capsules and pills are made using a formula very similar to that used to create CBD oils. Once the CBD is extracted, it undergoes a filtration process, removing any unwanted compounds and determining whether the oil used within the capsules is classed as either full-spectrum or CBD isolate.


The main difference between capsules and oils is that capsules also contain either gelatin or glycerin, forming the structure of the capsule or pill. The oil that goes into CBD capsules and tablets will also be much more concentrated than regular CBD oils, allowing a high dose of CBD to be contained within one small pill.


The main benefit of using CBD capsules is that they are small and discreet. CBD capsules can be consumed in the same way as other medications and supplements that come in pill form, making them an excellent option for taking when out in public to avoid drawing attention.


CBD capsules and pills also guarantee you a precise dose of CBD with each use. CBD is measured out using advanced equipment during manufacturing, meaning that there is much less room for error. Capsules are perfect for those who do not feel confident measuring out the exact amount of CBD oil every day.


So, where can you find the very best CBD capsules in the UK, keep reading to find out?


Where to find the best CBD capsules and pills



Provacan has taken its immensely popular CBD oil formula and made a few minor adjustments, allowing the brand to pack all of the same health benefits into small easy to swallow capsules.


One of the things that makes Provacan’s CBD capsules stand out is the fact that they only contain three ingredients. Each capsule contains precisely 24mg of full-spectrum CBD, giving you peace of mind that you are taking a precise dose of CBD each day for effects that you can rely on.


Provacan has carefully designed its CBD capsules so that they are easy to swallow, with a smooth coating. Pills come packaged in a discreet tub that you can easily keep in your pocket or bag, ensuring that you always have a dose of CBD on hand.


Celtic Wind

Celtic Wind became Lloyds Pharmacy’s first CBD brand, chosen for its exceptional quality and all-natural ingredients. Celtic Wind capsules are packed with feel-good vitamins, terpenes, minerals, and fatty acids, as well as a healthy dose of CBD.


Unlike so many other CBD capsules available, Celtic Wind capsules are guaranteed to contain absolutely no artificial ingredients so that you can use their capsules with confidence, knowing that you are not consuming potentially harmful chemicals.


Each capsule contains precisely 20mg of full-spectrum CBD and has been designed to be taken alongside other supplements. Each container packs 60 capsules into a small, convenient container, designed to be portable and convenient.


Jacob Hooy

Jacob Hooy is one of the oldest CBD brands in the UK. With hundreds of years’ worth of experience, they have been able to perfect their formula, resulting in a product that delivers the very best CBD experience.


Jacob Hooy CBD capsules contain the equivalent of 8 drops of their CBD oil, each in an easy to digest capsule that provides you with an effective dose of CBD. All of the ingredients used to create Jacob Hooy capsules are 100% natural and have been sourced from organic EU farms, for consistent quality.


Dany German is a marketing consultant.


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