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A Gingerly Roller

1927 Rolls-Royce Phantom I originally owned by Edward VIII for sale; it comes with a bottle of Berry Bros. & Rudd’s The Kings Ginger

Richard Biddulph of Vintage & Prestige Classic Cars gives away a bottle of Berry Bros. & Rudd’s The King’s Ginger liqueur with the cars he sells, but in the case of a 1927 Rolls-Royce Phantom I Gurney Nutting Weymann type saloon this gift will be especially apt.


Offered for £180,000 ($222,000, €202,000 or درهم816,000) and retaining its original ‘UC 6’ was originally ordered by then Prince of Wales (later King Edward VIII and later Duke of Windsor) in the year he became a Knight of St. Patrick.


A view of ‘The King’s Car’ from the side illustrates its true magnificence.
Edward VIII (1894 – 1972) was king from 20th January 1936 until 11th December 1936; he then became the Duke of Windsor and married Wallis Simpson on 3rd June 1937.
The car features an impressive replica Britannia Mascot made with the permission of Prince Charles.
The King’s Ginger is the only alcoholic beverage specifically created for drinking and driving. It was created by Berry Bros. & Rudd at the behest of the royal physician for King Edward VII in 1903 to “warm and revify His Majesty” when he motored in his open topped Daimler. Of it, its creators remark: “Rich, golden and delightfully crisp in flavour, [The King’s Ginger] helped King Edward stay colourful and ready for whatever came next.” To buy a bottle complete with a mini hip flask (for motoring) for just £30, click here.

According to The Sun, the car was used by the royal as a prince, when he became king and immediately prior to when he abdicated to marry the divorced American socialite Wallis Simpson. It was then sold in 1937 to a former waiter to the royal household.


In subsequent years, the vehicle became a ‘lost car’ and was eventually found by the Rolls-Royce expert Ted Overton on a Suffolk farm in the 1980s. ‘The King’s Car’ was then restored over the next 30 years and features an impressive replica Britannia Mascot made with the permission of Prince Charles.


Presented in dark black with the only light colour being a faint red coachline to the wheel discs, Biddulph describes the car as “pulling well in every gear.” He adds: “The change is smooth and simple, the road holding is excellent, this is clearly a remarkably well built machine that would be more than capable of long distance driving.”


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Edward VIII certainly travelled in style.
The vehicle’s restoration has been thorough and exacting.
The driver’s compartment.
‘The King’s Car’ was restored by Overton Vehicle Overhauls over a thirty year period. It was then sold to a Rolls-Royce collector who has now decided to “downsize” his collection.
Imagery of the vehicle during its time in royal ownership.

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